Binary Options Affiliate Programs Best for 2016

The easiest prediction for the top paying affiliate programs for 2016 are binary options afiliate programs.

The highest paying affiliate programs for last 3 years were the Binary Options affiliate programs, that in somehow replaced the Forex trading affiliate programs with really high commissions and easier conversions.

binary options affiliate programsIf you have been in the affiliate marketing business for the last 2 years, you must have seen the increase on binary options affiliate programs, binary options offers in multiple affiliate networks and a huge increase in binary options brokers, software and trading platforms; which in a certain way means a huge success in this niche.

New automated Forex trading platform

I want to introduce you to a new automated Forex trading platform we call it MATS and here how this automated hand free forex system works:

When you make a deposit, MATS system instantly uses it to place FOREX trades automatically depending on trading strategies of many experienced traders. At the time that MATS makes a profit from trading using your deposit, our system will credit your account with a part of that profit in real-time and retains the remaining part to the end of the day.

Every day at 23:59:59, our system calculates the interest rate of the day depending on the amount of total retained profits, and credites each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate.

How to start a business online today

There are many ways to start your own business online today, and the internet has made it very possible for anyone to start an online business and earn money online with small investment or even without any investment. But the fact remain that thousands of individuals have tried to start an online business and failed, wasting time and money online without any success.start a business online

So how to start a business online today and guarantee success, avoid failure and wasting time and money?

The answer to this question is really simple, and logically accepted as the best answer.

The answer is to find out how others are doing it and simply doing the same, but you also need to do it your way.

Alexa Rank and 10 ways to increase Alexa traffic rank

We have noticed in the start of 2015 a huge change in Alexa rank among most of the popular blogs and websites, you may also notice an increase in the Alexa traffic rank in your own blog lately but most bloggers got a huge decrease in their Alexa traffic rank.

Drop in Alexa rank does not mean drop in traffic, it could simply mean other sites are getting better improve-alexa-rankingranking than you. It is like a contest. And vice versa increase in your Alexa rank does not mean you are getting more traffic, but in most cases it does. 

First let’s explain some terms

What is Alexa traffic rank?

Make money blogging the ultimate way to monetize your blog in 2015

Make money blogging is not the easiest way to make money online but all statistics shows that earning money from a blog is the most popular in the last couple years, and here i want to share with you the new ultimate way to monetize your blog to make the most out of it.

But first let us list what bloggers already use to monetize their blogs, sorted by popularity:earn money online with your blog

1. List building, most bloggers love to have a clean blog, no ads no banners not even links; just content but this way they cannot make any money, so they try to build a list through their blogs by offering a product or newsletter to their subscribers.

Blog Post Marketing Strategies

You have published a new blog post, yepeeeeee, great job, now what?

I know you feel really good after each new blog post you publish, but what is the point. Do not forget the purpose of blog marketingpublishing a blog and writing new blog posts. You want to reach people interested in your topic, you need to build an authority as an author and as a blogger and maybe you also want to generate some profits from your blog.

So it’s all end up with blog marketing and blog traffic.

When we publish a new blog post we want to attract as many readers as possible and here I want to show you some blog post promotion strategies and ideas that will help you get the maximum exposure possible for new blog post.