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Network Marketing Success

Network marketing success, the only secret you need to know to put your name on any network marketing business leader’s board.

network marketing successI love network marketing, and anyone making money online love it because we know how powerful, lucrative and profitable network marketing is. And I can guarantee you that anyone talking about network marketing in negative way, he or she has not reach any level of success with network marketing.

I am not going to talk here about network marketing and why it is absolutely the best most lucrative way to make money online, but I want to focus on the only strategy you can follow to reach success with network marketing and establish a real profitable online business with network marketing.

To explain this strategy perfectly I want first to list here some of the important elements that cause failure with network marketing.

Why people fail with network marketing?

  1. First of all people need to understand the business and their work.confused1
  2. Most people do not know how to identify a good successful network marketing opportunity. In my few years with network marketing I have witnessed hundreds of opportunities coming and vanishing in short time; and when you are a part of a business that disappear fast you will not only lose money but credibility and trust; and trust is the most powerful leverage we have in online business.
  3. Choosing good compensation plan, we call it compensation plan and not pay plan because we mean getting compensated out of the effort we are making and getting the maximum return on investment. .
  4. Jumping from one business opportunity to another without even trying the opportunity to any level.

There are other reasons that could cause failure with network marketing but those are the main reasons.

Now if you are sure you have chosen the right opportunity, and the perfect compensation plan and you are determined to keep working with this opportunity, and know exactly that you need to work hard promoting this business and generating leads and members, but still you have not reached any level of success the reason will be:

You don’t have a good converting landing page, you don’t effectively follow up with your leads and your opportunity does not give any value to most people in your niche. Your niche in network marketing are people who are seeking a way to make money, but in most cases they don’t know how, and what to do. So you need to provide them with an effective training and a system they can duplicate.

From those reason we can figure out the elements of success with network marketing.

To succeed with network marketing you need to have a system that work smoothly like an oiled new machine that work perfectly automated and make the all we need to be done.

So what exactly we need this system to do?

1. First and most important is to generate leads, after all our business is all about marketing and we need to market a system to generate leads which capture the information we need from each lead. Call it squeeze page capture page opt in page whatever, we need a system that generate leads.

2. Follow up with the leads, leads are great for our business but the money comes from the sales, and we need to convert some of the leads to upgraded members who join our business and pay the members fee. The way to do so is by follow up with the leads and explains the benefits of our business. Statistics show that most people will never join any business or make any purchase in the first introduction, sales will be closed and people will be convinced only close to the fifth to seventh follow up message. And follow up need to show leads why our business is a great opportunity for them and why they want this opportunity.

3. Training.  When a lead becomes a member he or she needs training to understand this kind of business and how to work this business. If you want to train each new member individually you will limit your business to small number of team members and spend more time on training while you need all the time you have into marketing and promoting your business.

So the system needs to provide this training to each new member, the perfect training possible.

4. Never stop the follow up.

5. Help our new member to grow their business and duplicate, a successful team member mean a guaranteed lifetime member.

Duplication is the name of the game, if you want to make few dollars and quit, do it any way you want, but if you want to establish a real online business that generate a passive residual income that grow month after month with network marketing you need to have a system that your dowline members can easily duplicate. It is maybe the only business that forces you to help others to succeed in order to reach your own success.

I want here to mention a real story from network marketing, a woman that was known as network marketing queen, she found a way to generate thousands of leads to any business and fast, so that was all she did, generate leads and members to vireos network marketing opportunities, making five figures a month, three years later she was broke, not making even a thousand dollars monthly, and the only reason for that was she could not maintain those members. She thought that the company will follow up and maintain those members and help them succeed.

I am here to show you the fast easy system to network marketing success, so what is this system?

Well obviously my system, the one I am promoting is the ultimate system. But let’s see why?

Some of the most popular network marketing opportunities online today are:

1. Empower network EN

2. PureLeverage PL

3. 7 Minutes workout

And when researching how leaders on those network marketing are getting in the leader’s board we found that they all have one thing in common.

They all use a unique system, and all are using the same system to promote several network marketing opportunities, at least 3 different network marketing opportunities to insure some kind of variety to their members and visitors.

One of these systems was Plug in Profits Site.

Why Plug In Profits Site?

1. Because it convert perfectly, they give too much to their members for free that no other system give and do.

2. They have a perfect system to generate leads and follow up with those leads to convince them to become members.

3. The system is easy to duplicate and have a professional training program to help any new member reach success under 30 days only.

Using Plug In Profit Sites not only was the reason for me to start an online business, but the only reason I am making money online.

I can talk a lot about Plug In Profits Site and why it is the ultimate system to network marketing success, but better than doing so, just click here and watch this free video.