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Here is a free list of hundreds of website directories. You can use it for your website directories submission.

We have tried to help you find all the website directories you may need, with some information like PR, if its free or reciprocal link required or if it's a payment required website directories.

You can have your site manually submitted to the most of these website directories using the Directory Maximizer manual submission service

Learn How to build one way links to any webpage

Directory Submission Directory Submission


List of top rank website directories

Website Directories list


  Special for home based business websites

URL PR Price
 Npros for  Promoting your Business 4 $75/year
Peakdirectory 2 Free
 Business Opportunity Classifieds 5 Free


Do you have a websites directory, add your directory to our list. Click here.

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URL Recip PR Price
Vlib.org No 9 Free
Dmoz.org No 8 Free
Lii.org No 8 Free
Selfgrowth.com No 7 Free
Webmasterlead.com Yes 7 Free
Femina.com No 7 Free
No 6 Free
Link Exchange  Yes 6 Free
Exactseek.com No 6 Free
Haabaa.com Yes 6 Free
Urlz.net No 6 Free
Jayde.com No 6 Free
4ppl.com/directory/ No 6 Free
Nzs.com No 6 Free
Webmastercatalog.com Yes 6 Free
E-topic.com Yes 6 Free
Bloggeries.com No 6 Free
All-linksite.com No 6 Free
Allthewebsites.org No 6 Free
Webmasterdirectory.net Yes 6 Free
Searchmonster.org Yes 6 Free
Splut.com No 6 Free
Clarib.com No 6 Free
123kidzarea.com No 6 Free
Siteranking.com No 6 Free
Busybits.com No 6 Free
Somuch.com No 6 Free
Chiff.com No 6 Free
Iozoo.com No 6 Free
Commoncontent.org No 6 Free
Adventuretraveltips.com No 6 Free
Canlinks.net No 6 Free
Nationaldirectory.com No 6 Free
Cyber-find.net No 6 Free
Spheri.com No 6 Free
Info-listings.com No 6 Free
Eonte.com Yes 6 $24.99
Corporatelistings.net No 6 Free
Kingofurl.com No 6 Free
Addurl-free.com No 5 Free
Aardvarkbusiness.net No 5 Free
Linkforever.net No 5 Free
Mixcat.com No 5 Free
Abifind.com No 5 Free
Addyoursitefreesubmit.com No 5 Free
Webbieworld.com No 5 Free
All4seo.net No 5 Free
Submiturlhere.com No 5 Free
Socengine.com No 5 Free
Searchsight.com No 5 Free
Nintra.com/directory/ No 5 Free
All-blogs.net Yes 5 Free
Klik-klik.com/directory/ No 5 Free
Abilogic.com No 5 Free
Web Directory Search-Group.com Yes 5 Free
Linkcentre.com No 5 Free
Pegasusdirectory.com No 5 Free
Prolinkdirectory.com No 5 Free
Directory.portalit.net No 5 Free
Allfreethings.com No 5 Free
Thetopsites.net No 5 Free
Linksarena.com Yes 5 Free
Hoppa.com No 5 Free
Discusstv.com Yes 5 Free
Sygol.com No 5 Free
Searchwarp.com No 5 Free
Linkspub.com No 5 Free
Megri Web Directory No 5 Free
Tsection.com No 5 Free
Favouritelink.com No 5 Free
Geeksonsteroids.com/directory No 5 Free
Complete-directory.com No 5 Free
777media.com No 5 Free
The100lists.com No 5 Free
Linkdirectory.com Yes 5 Free

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You are here at list 1 |  list 2 | list 3 | list 4 | list 5 | list 6 | list 7 | list 8 | list 9

List sponsored

Directory submission is one of the best methods to receive one way incoming links to your site. This is one of the most significant parts when it comes to your link building strategies. It is the cheapest way to build huge number of back links to your website, which helps to improve rankings.

A listing is how you get increased targeted traffic and hence increased business. A paid web directory offers a premium service with faster approval times. Owners are extremely dedicated to creating a quality directory and not solely interested in making money. A web directory is something akin to a huge reference library.

Directory listing are a good start to promote a new site. Do not disguise your listing and submit the same URL more than once. Persistent automatic submissions may force to ban you. Avoid using the same title, description, and keywords, it may look a bit unnatural to the search engines to receive one way links from different sites using the same link text or title of your submission. Listings could be done only in those directories which are indexed by the search engines and search engine friendly. Do not submit sites consisting largely of affiliate links.

You should not ignore the importance of doing keyword research before using directories. Develop keyword rich titles and descriptions for each of your listing. For that reason, it is important to find the keywords that work best for your business. Also the ability to use multiple titles and descriptions helps maximize search engine optimization efforts.

Niche listings from niche directories can provide you with great related links. You get two core benefits: Additional targeted traffic from these directories. Quality one way links improves your site ranking in search engines.

Submission of your sites to search engines are not required, if your site has been listed properly in directories then search engines will crawl and index your site. Before submitting a site do a prior check to ensure your site is not already listed there so as to avoid duplication. Each directory has a different way it likes the content to be formatted and submitted. Placement is more effective when proper title and descriptions are selected to relevant categories.

To be successful, these directories must deliver good Google Page Rank or high quality traffic. Niche directories usually do a good job of sub categorizing within the main topic area, making them more useful to the everyday user. Most are older that tend to carry more weight with major Search Engines and have a larger human user base.

If you do not sufficient links pointing towards your site, your website most likely will never be found, that is why should place your site into these directories. Today every business or firm compete with one another in order to generate more and more profit or sales through their websites.

Link Popularity is one of the main factors which tell them how popular or important a website is, therefore it ranks your website accordingly. To get high rankings and more targeted traffic to your web site, it is essential to work out a focused linking strategy to establish link popularity on the web. Obtaining inbound links or back links in quantity and quality can influence your search engine rank immensely.

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