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How to earn money from YouTube

This is a money making blog, and I do make money with this blog, but the only way for me to earn money is when I can be helpful to people seeking a way to make some money like I do, and one of the most popular questions I get all the time is “How to earn money from YouTube” .

Earn From YouTubeYouTube is the third most visited sites worldwide, and it does make a lot of money for its owners (Google), and in the last 2 years Google has changed the search algorithm to bring more results from YouTube in their search engine to direct more and more traffic to YouTube. And where there is traffic, there is more opportunities to earn money, promote businesses and even promote yourself.


If you search Google using the same term “how to earn money from YouTube” you will find 8 out of 10 results on the first page are videos from YouTube, and all results are promoting some kind of offer to make money. You can do the same with any niche like “weight lose”, “music offers”, “Dating” or any topic you can think off.

So, how to make money online from YouTube?

The idea of earning money from YouTube is to upload videos and have some kind of link in the description of the video or in the video itself to redirect people to it, then have an offer there that may interest your visitors and they will buy it, when they do you will earn a commission as an affiliate or as a network marketer.

So basically to earn money from your videos you need:

Video to upload + an offer to monetize your video + traffic to your video = earn money.

How to earn money from YouTube

This is the same formula that we use to make money online in different ways, like blogs, social media and websites. But what special about YouTube is that it could be easier to attract traffic but the video must convert. There are few ways to monetize your video like just adding Google adsense that we don’t recommend at all, it is wasting your traffic and giving it a way to others who will make money with it, and it’s like giving away your traffic for pennies to others who make few good dollars. Instead we recommend having a good offer that pays you much more.

Ways To Monetize Your YouTube Videos:How to earn money from YouTube

1. Affiliate marketing, the best way to monetize YouTube videos is by using affiliate offers, for example the most searched for YouTube video are related to health, and you can have some health tips videos and offer physical health products like Market Health products that give you up to 50% commission on each sale made from your own link, you can also get your own health store under your own domain name and website, they will create your own health store for you. You can also promote digital products and earn high commission like using clickbank affiliate marketplace, or create your own affiliate store from clickbank products by using the service of CBproads affiliate niche stores.

2. Network Marketing and MLM business opportunities, you can redirect your visitors to a network marketing opportunities that make you not only earn a direct commission from each new member you refer but also from the work and money earned by your referrals. Opportunities like 7 Minutes Workout  or you can redirect your visitors to a full money making system like Plug In Profits Sites. See this example YouTube video about network marketing:


You don’t need a money making related video to redirect your visitors to network marketing or money making opportunity, because most internet users and especially those who spend time watching YouTube videos will be interested in making more money online, so even if you upload a funny video, music, weird, or just a TV show or program, you can have a small ad on the video or a short teaser on the description to redirect people to your network marketing link.

Here is the process step by step on how to earn money from YouTube:YouTube money

1. First of all you need to create an account, one account to all Google products and services that include YouTube, then sign in to your account.

2. Choose a topic that you will focus at, any topic that interests you. You will be creating some short videos about this topic, for example my topic is “make money online” “home business” and “work from home” and even I am sharing videos that are not on topic like funny videos, popular music and educational videos, I make money by presenting my network marketing opportunities to my audience.

3. Monetize your video buy adding a link to your offer from in the video or/and from the description. Here you need to think it really through, are you going to use affiliate links, network marketing links, long ugly full of codes links, short redirected links, or your own link.

To understand this, take it on your own behavior, what kind of links you will click on easily. My best advice to you is to start your own blog with a short domain name, then you can have an affiliate cloaking plugin the make your affiliate links look professional, and you can have more offers and more ways to make money from your blog, then YouTube will not only earn you money but will be a source for traffic to your main money making business that is your blog. You can get your own free blog setup for free from Plug In Profits Sites. And you can also promote your own Plug In Profit Site through YouTube and earn maximum income from it, and all its money making offers.

4. You need to promote your Videos, and generate traffic. Best way to do this is through social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus and twitter. Or promote it with forums and other blogs. Traffic will make you money. And with few links to your YouTube videos you can make it rank high on Google and then generate more traffic and earn more money.

Related Product. Tube Launcher is a new program that shows some interested ways to make fast money from YouTube and give some ideas on how to create YouTube videos that attract traffic fast and help you make money with them.

Money Makers To Make Easy Money Online.

I want to share with you here real fast money makers that allow you to make easy money online and fast.

make easy money onlineWell I know some of you hate the term easy money, and they don’t believe that there is any way to make easy money online, or maybe earn any money online. But comparing to all the different ways to make money online, these money makers are absolutely the fastest easiest ways to make money online.

I will not talk about how others make money online, how do I make money online, or what are the different programs and systems or even business opportunities, I will just share with you here a new money making programs that were tested carefully and proven to work and make money really fast.

To make money in general you need to have an offer, and then generate traffic to that offer. This is the basic formula of making money online; blogging, affiliate marketing, network marketing and any other money makers online depend on this simple formula. And the hard part of this formula is traffic.

So my easy ways to make money depends on an easy way to generate traffic, or leverage the team work so you can make money from the work and traffic generated by other people.

So let’s get into my top money makers for easy money.