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Viral Traffic Optimizer

What is Viral traffic?

Viral traffic is a concept we use to describe traffic generated by other users or readers, when a visitor reach your website and enjoy the content you offer, but not just leave your website after done, he bring more people to your website. You get 2 people to visit your site, they then each get another 2 and so on.

So simply viral traffic is the traffic generated by your visitors to your website.

The best source of viral traffic today is social media, where people share everything with their friends, pictures, movies, messages or simple links.

For example let’s say you have 100 facebook friends, and you shared with them a new blog post, and half of them visit your blog post, now you have 50 visitors. 5 of them shared your new blog post with their friends, and each generated another 50 visits, that is 250 visits to your blog post, and now 20 of them shared your blog post that will generate for you 1000 visits and so on. See the potential!