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WordPress Form Plugin To Grow Your Contact List

I’ve just been testing a new WordPress form plugin and I really love it!

Alright, you know how everyone in Internet marketing keeps going on and on about how important it is to build a contact list, right? I’m not going to repeat that stuff, because I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times already.

Well, building a mailing list just got A LOT easier.

If you’re in a rush, check out this new plugin right here:


wordpress form plugin

All of the professional bloggers add these neat boxes to their sidebars (and usually also to the bottom of the posts), where they advertise their newsletter and where you can sign up. The problem is: those opt-in boxes are not easy to create.

Sure, you can build them using templates in Aweber or whatever, but honestly? Those don’t exactly look sexy.

Well, this new plugin changes all that.

It comes pre-loaded with more than 30 (yes, thirty) awesome templates. But the best part is: it’s unbelievably easy to edit and customize those templates. There are absolutely no limits to how you can customize this thing!

And even better: it’s super easy to do!

Seriously, you have to see this, to believe it:

But here’s the thing… you’re thinking: oh ok, an opt-in box builder. Cool, but not very exciting.

Well, it gets better.

You can’t only build opt-in boxes. You can also build responsive, mobile-ready opt-in boxes!

Mobile traffic is becoming more and more important, as we all know. And you know what? Up until now, it was next to impossible to create a nice-looking, mobile-friendly opt-in box without the help of a professional web designer (read: gets real expensive, real quick!).

Well, with this plugin, you’ll have your responsive opt-in box ready in no time at all.

And there’s more: this plugin has a facebook trick up it’s sleeve that I guarantee you’ve never seen before!

Oh, and it also does lightboxes. You know, those pop-up things that get extremely high conversions for list building?

And it integrates with GoToWebinar, for those who do webinars as affiliates or vendors.

And you can add unlimited opt-in boxes anywhere on your WordPress site, with a simple short code.

And… well, you get the picture. This thing does more than I can reasonably explain in one email

It’s the most useful and insanely valuable plugin I’ve seen all year and I highly recommend you check it out.

Take only 10 minutes of your busy time and Just click this link and watch a short video and read all about this amazing WordPress Form Plugin


contact list

Social Plugin – Viral Traffic Optimizer

Viral Traffic Optimizer

What is Viral traffic?

Viral traffic is a concept we use to describe traffic generated by other users or readers, when a visitor reach your website and enjoy the content you offer, but not just leave your website after done, he bring more people to your website. You get 2 people to visit your site, they then each get another 2 and so on.

So simply viral traffic is the traffic generated by your visitors to your website.

The best source of viral traffic today is social media, where people share everything with their friends, pictures, movies, messages or simple links.

For example let’s say you have 100 facebook friends, and you shared with them a new blog post, and half of them visit your blog post, now you have 50 visitors. 5 of them shared your new blog post with their friends, and each generated another 50 visits, that is 250 visits to your blog post, and now 20 of them shared your blog post that will generate for you 1000 visits and so on. See the potential!