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SFI Affiliate Success Plan, here we will help you succeed with SFI affiliate marketing .

SFI affiliate network is maybe the first affiliate network online, and still the most successful affiliate marketing network today, with great features added all the time.

SFI affiliate network is a success guarantee online business with affiliate marketing, if you are serious about starting an affiliate business online. The history, the team, the features and compensation plan, all together make SFI the leading on affiliate marketing online.


So let me show you how you can build your online affiliate business and start making money online with SFI, and other powerful money making opportunities, exactly the way I did it, and hundreds of other successful money makers did it.


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First, If you don't have an affiliate account with SFI join now and create you free SFI affiliate account here.

And the first most important step is to get familiar with your SFI affiliate account, so go through all the links and pages on SFI and read the information their, this way you will start to understand how SFI affiliate network works and how you can get your marketing tools like affiliate links, banners and how to effectively promote SFI.

Success with SFI affiliate marketing or any other affiliate marketing start by setting up a step by step plan, you see; it is all about marketing, you need to bring web surfers to your pages so they can view the offers you have.

There are two elements on SFI marketing, the first one is about referring customers and sell SFI products, with each sale you will earn commission. The second element is about sponsoring other affiliates and build a network of affiliates that work with you, you will then earn a percent from their sales and their work, this is the most powerful element to grow your affiliate business and increase the potential of earning high income from SFI.

In both cases, you will need to bring web surfers to see your offer, and this is the basic of marketing.

Some affiliates try hard to promote affiliate links to earn some commission, but they reach no where and they fail. The  reason why they fail is because the could not focus their work and harness the power of internet marketing, and they promote links that does not guarantee their commission.

So first step to success with affiliate marketing is having a website for your own with your own domain name and with full control on the hosting.

I don't want to list here the importance of having your own website, It is very important and not only getting a cheap duplicate website on a cheap $5 hosting. I am talking about a serious affiliate website with professional hosting and professional tools like list building and list management tools.

You can get a free affiliate website with free hosting from Plug in profit site, that also have the SFI affiliate program built in it.

By having a website I mean a static website or/and a blog. You can have a hosting account with HostGator that allow you to setup wordpress blogs directly from your back-office and all the tools are setup for you automatically.

If you are good with HTML and have an HTML editor I also recommend the Host4Profit hosting.

But then you will need to get auto-responders and list ,management software from other providers. And it could end up costing you more than $60 per-month and sometimes more because you could need a design software or other services.

That is why I always recommend ProfitMatic that I personally use to host and run all my affiliate websites. With a small membership fee you will get unlimited professional and SEO friendly hosting, one FREE domain name, a simple to use visual editor, graphics, banners, and most important a List management online service with newsletters and mass podcasting. so you can start build as many lists as you want, very simple, and manage newsletters and send mass mails to your list. Without having to buy any other software or service, and all these tools are online and you will not need to download and install anything.

Here is a simple affiliate website of one of my affiliates with SFI network and Markethealth Network, Buy Acai Berry Extracts. She started to build this website on February 2011, and it is very focused on Acai berry products and the multi-vitamins products and she started to earn commission on the same month.

Starting Your SFI Affiliate Business and Marketing Your Affiliate website

If you want to build a website that promote specific items from SFI Affiliate network like the health products, I recommend to pick some items first, let's say five related Items and then go to Google keyword tool and look for terms people use searching Google for related items.

For the previous example of Buy Acai Berry, she picked acai berry related items one from SFI and the other was from Markethealth. Then she used two popular search terms from Google keyword tool, "buy acai berry" and "acai berry extract". she then created an account with ProfitMatic and registered her http://www.buyacaiberryextract.net domain name and used ProfitMatic to launch a simple yet very effective affiliate review site, It is the most effective way to sell affiliate offers. and most important is that she is using her own content and perfectly optimizing to search engines.  

I think within a few months she could reach Google top position for at least one of her search terms. The optimization starts by having the keyword you choose in the title of the page, then writing a good description that contain your keyword with other related search terms together.   Now and after getting your affiliate review site up and running, even with one page you need to start marketing your affiliate website and generate traffic to your website.

And here are the top most successful marketing strategies, but first, let's make sure your website is automatically submitted to search engines and indexed.   To do so, simply bookmark your website to as many social bookmarking sites as you can, here is a list of social bookmarking sites to use.

Marketing Strategies

This strategies that I will discuss with you here are the most effective, it can start generate traffic to your website immediately and at the same time build links back to your website, and with more and more backlinks your website will get higher and higher in the search engines. Which will bring you more targeted traffic, buyers and more affiliate commission.  

Article Marketing. Start writing some articles related to your website, use related keywords as the title of the article and write content rich articles. I know most newbie's are afraid  from writing articles, and think only professional writers can write good articles, That is a mistake, you can and every one can write a good valuable article very easy and very fast. To learn how to write your articles search for related articles, and read them, read forum discussions about your subject and always write down notes.  

After writing your articles you need to submit them to some article directories. And here are some resources to help you do that very efficient and fast:

1. Here is a list of article directories.

2. Instant Article Submitter is a short article about article submission tools and services that can help you get better results and fast.

Forum Marketing Look for related forums and join them, build a signature with a link to your website, then start posting and share ideas on the forums, do not spam.  

Remember, keep on marketing your website, and learn more and more about internet marketing, You do not need to purchase any info product or course or even a book, just learn from the free information on the web.  

You can sign up for our supper affiliate newsletter to receive some great products and information for free.   Remember their are two sides for affiliate marketing, the first one is promoting the affiliate offers and start earning a commission, and the other one will be to promote the affiliate business itself and build build your own team of affiliates.

One great example of this kind of promotion is the Plug In Profit Sit free affiliate business.   But also you can do it in your own website by writing a page about SFI affiliate program, exactly like this page for example and give your affiliates a some helpful tips and strategies so they also can start making money with SFI.  

You can also promote ProfitMatic in this page, because ProfitMatic is also a network marketing opportunity that can earn you a commission. It is a small commission but it can build up to a huge monthly income.   You can also use the power of social media like face-book, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter to promote your page and get more sign ups and more affiliates to join your team. Or you can simply use S-Builder Coop in SFI   My last tip to you is to constantly get 1500VP with SFI, do not miss any month, this way you can build your business fast, assure a commission monthly.  

For more detailed affiliate marketing strategies I strongly recommend this affiliate guides that can give you some great affiliate tips and strategies:

affiliate marketing tools All In One Marketing Software This is the most powerful marketing software ever created, it will help you generate traffic instantly to your pages and increase the search engine ranking of your pages.

affiliate marketing tools  Affiliate Cash Secrets A simple system on how to promote affiliate offers and build a list of targeted customers so you can always promote another affiliate offers to them.

affiliate marketing tools Commission Blueprint It is one of the best affiliate marketing guides online, it will explain exactly how to make huge affiliate commissions, but it will require time and some money. It is a huge course that may take you some time to learn all the tactics and strategies explained but I can promise it could turn you into a super affiliate, but again it will cost you some money.

affiliate marketing tools Super Affiliate Commission A video course on strategies used by supper affiliate to generate high commission, it will cover the basics of affiliate marketing on a focus on effective strategies that can generate for you high commissions.


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