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Organic Search Engine Optimization (Organic SEO)

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Organic Search Engine Optimization    Organic Search Engine Optimization Free Report


Organic search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results. The higher the site can reach in the Search Engines Result Pages (SERP) the more traffic it will get.

We all use search engines to look for websites, your behavior with the search engine result is the same behavior of other %90 of internet users.

What does that means?

When you search for a term; how many pages of the search results do you brows? What are the titles that attract you to click on? What do you see in the search results?

Understand your behavior to better understand what you need to do to get better results from the search engines.

Keyword research.

One very significant step you need to accomplish before even start your organic search engine optimization is your keyword research.

To do so you may need keyword research software, however there are hundreds of absolute garbage software out there, but we found these 3 software that can deliver the results we look for

Keyword elite

IBP  there is a fee trail here

But also you can start your keyword research with free tools, you can use Google keyword tool to find good search terms then use Google search to find out how many results each search term brings.

 How to research your keywords.

1.       Make a list of at least 5 main keywords phrases as your main keywords, this keywords are the ultimate keywords for your topic, it will have the maximum searches per month.

2.       Look for any other related search terms people use (use your software or the suggestion tool)

3.       Make a list of all that key words.

4.       Search for each keywords with Google to find out how many search results you get for each term, these search results are your competition.

5.       Arrange your list and sort the results (Use Microsoft Excel to build your list) by the competition number (the smallest value to the largest.

Here is an example list we build. We used the phrase “make money online” as our main keyword.



SEO Traffic

SEO Comp

make money online canada




make money online legitimate




make money on the internet online




make money by online




make money online uk




make money online games




make money online site




make money working online




make money at home online




free ways to make money online




blog make money online




make money from online




earn money on line




get money online




make money on internet




make money on line




internet make money online




make money quick




money making online




earn money at home





We eliminated results that have less than 50 searches per month (searches) and stopped at 152000 SEO Competition. And here are the highest results

extra income




easy money




make money online




work from home




work at home




making money




money online




earn money




make money





·         The SEO competition on the list give us the exact number of websites using the exact term as targeted keyword. The actual SE Results will be higher than this number.

From our list we will pick two deferent types of keywords:

1.       Our main keywords. These are the keywords that will bring us the highest volume of traffic. The last keywords on the list.


2.       Our 2 tier keywords, these keywords known as long tail keywords, these are the most important key words for us. They have lower number of searches but with low competition. That means we can easily rank higher for those keywords.


If you can put some effort on building a page with the search term “make money by online”, build some back links to that page directly, you can reach the #1 with Google for that term and get about 118 very targeted visitors for free each month.


The benefit of long tail keywords are not only they are easier to optimize for but also highly efficient, when someone types the phrase “make money online” he could be looking for very specific way to make money like currency trade or make money with online casino; but he typed the term “make money” and you have nothing to offer. But if he typed “free ways to make money”  he specify that he has no money to invest and he is looking for certain free ways to make money, if you have something to offer and optimized your page for that long tail keyword, you will get more targeted and very interested prospects.


Another examples the weight lose example, weight lose as a main keywords can drive thousands of visitors to your website, it will be very hard to optimize for this search term, and it can drive low interest prospects. But Acai Berry weights lose is very easy to optimize for and will drive very targeted and interested in Acai Berry supplement prospects. These visitors had indicated that they are interested in specific products and supplements.

How to use main keywords and 2 tier keywords together?

If your website is very specific and limited niche targeted website, you need to optimize your website using the long tail keywords and your descriptive niche keywords.

If your website is discussing more general topic and your home page is used to direct traffic to the sup-category pages, you need to optimize your home page to the main keywords, it’s difficult but with the time and if you do things the right way you will eventually reach your target. But for the main time you need to concentrate more about driving traffic directly to your sub-pages by optimizing your sub-pages to the 2 tier keywords. And from your sub-pages use the main keywords to internally link to your home page.

How to optimize a page with keywords.

Let's say you are in hotel business, and your hotel is located on LA, So you need to make a research to find out what kind of search terms your targeted customers may use, you will find hundreds of search terms, and you can build a separate page to each search term to maximize your hits and your customers. But your main keyword must be "Hotel name -and- main keyword like "hotel los angeles usa""

Now you need to use this term on the meta tags <title> and <description> tags.

Also use this term in your content, and your inbound links.

This will basically cover the on-page optimization, but you need to go through this process for each page you publish.


Off-Page Search engine optimization.

 Link Popularity

You have probably known by now that the most effective element of your ranking in the search engines is your link popularity. And link popularity means the amount and the quality of websites linking to your website. So there are 2 factors here, the number, which indicate how many back links does your website has, and the quality which indicate to the type and relevance of the websites linking to yours.

* IMPORTANT! link goes between one webpage with another webpage, not from website to another website. the quality of your back link comes from the page your link in, not the home page of the site, a website can have a PR 6 to the home page, and your link is in some link directory page which has no PR, so in this case you are receiving a link from PR0 page not PR6. you need to be careful to that fact especially if you are buying links.

There is too much information to write about link popularity, that’s why we want this report to be brief but shows the most important elements.

Natural link profile or natural linking.

This means that your links need to look natural, the easiest way to explain natural linking is: The other website had put a link to your website because they like your website not because you asked them to do so. We know that’s unlikely the case but we want the search engines to think so.

 Here is some ways to make your link profile naturals:

1.                   One way links.  The website is linking to your website but your website does not link back to that site. So link exchange will not be a good idea in this case.  


Here are some ideas how to get one way links to your site:

1.1. There are a 3 way linking programs that were created to cheat the search engines, your site (A) will link to some other website (B) which will link to other site (C) with link back to your site (A)

A linking to B

B linking to C

C linking to A

So the link you are receiving is one way link fro site C


1.2. Links fro article distribution, article marketing. We see the article marketing as one of the greatest strategies of internet marketing and search engines optimization. It’s a simple concept; you write articles and distribute your articles to other articles directories, blogs and websites. Your links will be in the resource box (about-you box), some time you can use links in your article body.


Here is one important fact webmasters usually do not understand about article marketing. It’s duplicated content.


Most of the websites which will show your articles use PHP pages, and all the extra content added to that page are dynamic content, so if you have the same article published in several pages like that, the page with the higher PR will be considered only, so you will get only one back link to your website (or two depends on how many links you have in the article and the resource box). In blogs it will not be duplicated because there will be extra content on the page. So try to submit deferent content and make some simple changes like author name and rearrange the paragraphs with little change to the first paragraph. You don’t need to rewrite the whole article again.


There is however a great service online that can help you do that it’s called the Unique Article Wizard, it will distribute your article up to 5000 websites and each article could be unique and deferent than the other, it only take you about 20 minutes to sit it up and insert you article then it will automatically send your articles to all their member websites. It’s very effective approach.


Give some times to high ranked article directories, these directories can supply you with traffic and good quality of one way back links to your website, see this list of article directories sorted by PR.


1.3. Links from social network and social book marks. Social network like Face book, MySpace, Squidoo and HubPages allow you to build a profile pages. Use them wisely, write your profile pages and link from these pages to your website considering these very important tips:


·         Link from these pages to your subpages not only to your index page, deep linking.

·         Build as many pages in deferent networks as you can, and link these pages together as a ring. See here a list of social networks

·         Don’t link from your website to these pages.

·         Use long tail (second tier) keywords in your anchor text.

·         Try to build some links to these pages. By increasing the PR of your profile page (and that’s easy done because the main social site already has a high PR) you will increase you site PR and the quality of the back links.


2.                   Linking to your subpages, deep linking. When some website links to your subpages the search engines think that it likes that page, and that page contain high quality content. This kind of linking considered natural linking. Here a few tips.


·         Name your sub-pages with your secondary keywords; the less competition for that keyword could help you reach higher rank in the SERPs.



·         Use the same secondary keyword in your title tag (title-2 search term-title).


·         Use that term in your text at the first paragraph (h1) and at the end paragraph.


·         Link to that page from the index page and other sub-pages using the same term as an anchor text.


Link popularity and traffic.

There is a great website that can check how popular your website is in a very unique way.

It’s http://www.urlfan.com, it gives your site a popularity ranking through checking 2 elements

1.       Your website was mentioned in x unique feeds, and Y blog posts.

2.       Bloggers mention your site on average every X days.

Those two facts can also greatly help you increase your PR with Google, the results of this website have nothing to do with Google PR, but it can give you a good look where your website is heading.

Traffic. If your website can reach PR2 or PR3 from linking strategies, but have no traffic at all, or low traffic rate, your ranking will never increase even when your link popularity increases and you get more links from higher PR pages. Google keep getting records from Alexa, so to increase your PR while increasing and enhancing your link popularity you need to drive more traffic to your website.

Here are some great tools and software to help you get traffic and links:

Get More Backlinks -High Pr Backlinks

Link Building - List of strategies and tools to build one way backlinks



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