New Network Marketing Opportunity with 3X10 Forced Matrix

Here is a new network marketing opportunity with powerful 3X10 forced matrix that will guarantee you profits very fast. If you are already in network marketing business, you know the benefits of joining a new business opportunity and being on top.

But if you are new to network marketing let me show you simply what are those benefits:

When you join a new network marketing opportunity it is much easier to find leads, get sign ups and promote your network marketing business, you will be promoting a new opportunity only few people know about, and believe me thousands of people especially network marketers and affiliate marketers who already have lists, and have an established online business are looking for good new opportunities to promote and make some fast commissions and increase your income. Your job is to find some of them and just introduce them to your new opportunity.

With new network marketing opportunity you will be placed at the top of their marketing team, in our case you will be placed on top of a matrix and you will get new downline fast.

Network marketing opportunities cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch, and the owners want to return some of their investment fast by promoting their business effectively; so their first task will be to connect with supper network marketers (the big dogs in network marketing) and ask them to join their business. Those leaders in the network marketing know what works, and if the compensation plan will bring them some real high profits. And if they join they can build huge team fast. And when you join right under some of them you will be profiting really fast from their spell over and the people they will place under you.

Now let’s talk about our new network marketing opportunity, that is a  3X10 forced matrix called My Fun Life.

new network marketing opportunity
MyFunLife is a new company targeting the largest markets worldwide and capitalizing on the hottest trends. They have created an unparalleled opportunity unlike anything you have ever seen. Utilizing the latest technology of mobile applications and powerful profitable market of travel and lifestyle to bring you as member the most lucrative online business you could dream of.

We have seen all kinds of network marketing opportunities offering all kinds of products and services, starting from penny auctions (that in most cases ended as fraud) to hosting and web services, to shopping, health and beauty products. Some of those opportunities were very successful and generated millions of dollars in profits, but MyFunLife is the first opportunity that allow you to benefit from a 2 billion dollar (in the last year 2012) mobile application market and a multi-billion dollar travel market.

But what more excite us and made me join this business opportunity without even thinking twice is the compensation plan, and their powerful 3X10 forced matrix. Especially when I was invited to this business by the network marketing queen, and I knew right away who are the people already in this program and started to promote this business, do you know any of the big dogs on network marketing? Be sure they are already members of MyFunLife and already promoting this business to their huge lists.

Just know that in 2 weeks they had more than 9000 members, and most of them are established network marketers and affiliate marketers who know how to make money with network marketing and how to generate huge downlines.

Check this video that explains the compensation plan and the potential of high passive, residual income you could generate with this business:

The video shows the power of this profitable pay plan, the potential of making a lot of money with MyFunLife and generating huge income online building a strong profitable online business; you can see that just by being a member and secure you position you can end up with a huge income when your matrix start to fill out. But you can also start promoting your business and by referring only 3 members you will be in profits and your business will grow faster.

Let’s look at this business as an investment only, no work, no effort just an investment.

If you put $21 into your bank saving account, how much money you will have after 2 years?!!!! Is it worth it?

Now if you join right now with MyFunLife and invested the $21 for 2 years, I am sure your matrix will be filled way before the 2 years and your 7 level will be full, and when your 7th level is full you will be making $4665 per month for each month, you will start making few hundreds much before that and your income will be growing from almost $50 per month to $4665 per month. Do you know any investment that could bring you such results in short time?

But you can reach this income much faster by promoting this business, and again this is a new business opportunity and you can easily find people who are waiting to find such powerful online business opportunity to join, and if you can refer only 3 people you will be in profits in your first month and your matrix will be filled much faster and if you can help your members each refer only 3 and so on, you will be making the $5000 monthly income in under 6 month guaranteed.

Now there are more money in this business as you saw in the video than the matrix, and when you promote the business and refer members you will open the 3 most profitable matrix levels that will make you up to $90,000 per month, yes $90,000 per month and believe me it is more than possible with this new network marketing opportunity.

We already have one member from Pakistan who already filled his 6th level and started to fill out his 7th level in less than 2 weeks of promotion. With this momentum he will be filling his matrix in less than 6 month and will be making almost $90,000 per month.

Only network marketing can guarantee such income, and such profits, nothing online can get close to this kind of profits.

I have always talked about leverage, and I only join opportunities that allow me to leverage my work and benefit from members I refer in my team, in February 2013 I joined iLA business opportunity just because the leverage, and I was in profits after one month doing nothing with that program just because of the leverage of effort and work done by my upline, and my matrix had more than 100 member only from spillover, and now I am making great income with iLA.

MyFunLife is similar but with more potential, and more profits, and again leverage. With MyFunLife I will be in profits much faster and will leverage from my own members and the members from spillover.

You can skip this business, I am sure you have seen hundreds of network marketing opportunities, and just skipped them; you can do the same here, but I can promise you that after only 3 months from now you will see that this business will be the most popular and the most promoted business online, exactly like Purelevareg, and iLa business. And maybe then you will join, but then you will regret joining late when you could be placed at the top of this amazing new network marketing opportunity.

It is always about the right decision at the right time, and what you have to lose?

Join us now. And thank us later

Good luck


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