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After few years of working online and trying all different ways to make money online I have found out that the best source to make money online is Google.

You can make a lot of money with Google if you understand this simple strategy I will share with you here, and NO, I am not talking about making money with Google adsense or adward or working with Google itself.

I will show you the only way you can really make money online with Google, or to say it correctly, using Google search engine to make money online.

The idea is simple, and it based on having a share of the traffic Google provide daily to thousands of websites, and make some profits of that traffic.

Each day millions of users use the Google search box to search for products, services, information and sometimes entertainment and fun, and millions of dollars is been made from those searches daily.

You can have some of this money too.

To do this you need to understand these 4 steps:

  1. Keyword research and niche research, you can use Google keyword tool to research keywords and see what people usually type in the search box when they are searching for a product or service. Then you need to understand the information Google keyword tool provide, like the volume (how many searches per month each keyword get), relevance (what keywords could mean people are buyers) and competitive (how hard it can be to reach Google first page for that keyword). Understanding all those elements is vital.
  2. Finding a good offer. While we are looking to make money, and it’s not so easy to make people reach out to their buckets and get their credit cards to order, you need to find a really good, high value, good price offer that also offer an affiliate commission, so you can earn money as an affiliate. You can search affiliate networks like amazon, clickbank, commission junction, or you can find a private affiliate program. See some affiliate programs here.
  3. Writing an article or review about the affiliate product we choose in step 2, using the keyword we researched in step 1 to be the title of that article or review. You can have your own mini site or blog, or you can use a free blog platform like Google Blogger, or wordpress. My best recommendation is to use ProfitMatic that allow you to build as many mini-sites  as you like and get all the tools you need like building opt-in forms, videos, mailing lists and more.
  4. The last step is to drive traffic to your page and make Google list your page on its first search results page for the keyword we choose. To do so we need to build some links to that page, we can do so by:
  • Start bookmarking your page to social bookmarking sites.
  • Use social networks like facebook, linkedin, twitter, and Google plus to attract traffic and links to your page. You can invite your friends their also to help you share your page.
  • Using some simple link building strategies to get more links like blog comments, articles and press release. See this list of some link building strategies.

Or if you have some money, and you are promoting a page in a domain you own, like your own mini site or blog, you can invest some money on link building, and this way you will increase the authority of your own domain, and the next time you use this strategy to make some profits, it will be easier and faster because you already having good authority.

Some good link building tools are:

1. Howii white hat traffic tool.

2. Unique Article wizard

3. Link Emperor

I do recommend having your own blog, with your own domain name, and use this strategy for each new post you are posting, and doing so in the near future you will have hundreds of pages (that are your blog posts) ranking on Google first page and getting more and more traffic.Google sniper

There is a famous internet marketer George Brown who developed his own system with this strategy using simple mini sites to make a lot of money online with Google, his system called Google Sniper, you can use it to have a more specific details on how to use each step and how to get even more traffic from Google.

To make money online with Google is really an easy task, need a little research but when you understand how it works you can make as much money as you want.

Let me give you an example here:

The topic “Wedding Dress” is getting more than 100.000,000 searches per month in Google. But there are also more than 1000 different search terms used to search Google and almost all are ready to buy. Most webmasters will focus on high traffic search terms that get more than 1000 searches per month, this will give you more opportunities to focus on low traffic terms and steal traffic from Google.

Good Luck

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