Make Money Online For Beginners

make money for beginners

Do you want to make money online?

Have you tried hundreds of ways, joined so many opportunities, but still could not make money online?

This is the way to make money online for beginners, and the only way to start making money online.

What I will be sharing here, no matter whether you believe it or not, is the only way to make money online if you are a beginner, and if you are making few dollars online every month you still are a beginner, and no matter what knowledge you have and how many courses and live events you have attended but still could not make any money online, you are a beginner; and this is the only way for you to make money online.

Most of you have no idea who I am, and they have no reason what so ever to believe me. I am no body in the internet marketing, and never had any product of my own. But I am making couple thousand dollars online every month. True that I invest most of my earning back to my online business, but still I know how to make money online with affiliate marketing and network marketing, and I will show you here the truth most successful online money makers know.


You have already been on pages of other internet marketers who said:

The only way for you to make money is

And every one claims that what his product is about is the only way to make money online, such as:

List building, Blogging, Copy-writing, having your own product, mobile marketing, and different programs and opportunities.


Some can speak to your logic, and some will make you sign up or buy their product, but always end up with no profits to you at all.

What will make what I have to say different?

Honestly… don’t know! But I am not asking you to do anything, I have nothing to sell. It’s your choice to believe it or not… and it’s always your choice and your way of seeing things.

SO here it is.

The only way to make money online for beginners is:

Duplicate system or offer, then traffic, traffic, traffic, and YES more traffic.

What I mean is, to make money online you need 2 things, first a system or a simple offer that is proven to convert, and already making money for other people, then having your own duplicate system or affiliate offer, and drive traffic to that duplicated system.


To make money online you need something to offer (not your own offer) and then show this offer to people seeking such an offer.

For example, if you want to make money with network marketing, you will not make real money just by sending people to the opportunity you are promoting, it can work for the first month, but soon it will stop working. Instead you need to have a system that not only promote your network marketing opportunity but also create an on-going online business for you.

Duplicate systems are the best way to go, you get a system that has been proven to make money to other people, and just duplicate their own success. This way you are 100% sure that the system works, and if you get traffic but did not make any money then you will be sure that the traffic you are getting is not working.

Let’s give a real time example:

I have talked about this system always, because I still think it is the best money making, the Easy Money Method. It is a system that works and it worked for hundreds of newbie’s and beginners.

When you setup your duplicate system, it is not only a referral link, but it’s a complete online business where you can generate your own leads, build your own list and generate some fast commissions.

So we are 100% sure this system work.

Now after setting up your duplicate system, you will need to generate traffic to your system; some traffic could be generated by pay per click, banner advertizing, forum marketing, social media, video marketing or blogging.

And you will be focused only on traffic, mastering the traffic generation and traffic sources. And when one source does not work you need to improve your work.

In most cases people who want to make money online just keep trying and trying without the focus, without knowing what they need to focus at, let’s say you want to start a blog, and start making money blogging, well it’s really an amazing Idea, but you need to be sure that it could take you a year just to start making any profits from your blog, while me I can start a blog and start a profit out of it the next month, even if it’s a small profit.


Because I have been studying traffic for 3 years and I still think I have a long way to go, knowing how to generate traffic is the only difference between people making money online, and those who do not.

When you start something by your own, like a blog, you will have no idea if it convert or not, would you get any sign ups, any click through, and affiliate sales or even any real audience at all.

So you could be a master in generating targeted traffic but to a page that do not convert, so you end up with no profits.

But if you take a system, a page, that already doing great for other marketers, and duplicate it to be your own. Then you are sure the results will depend on the quality of targeted traffic you are generating to that page. It does not need to be a full system like Easy Money Method, or Plug in profits sites. It can be a simple affiliate offer but with affiliate offers you need to be sure that your content can convert click though to your affiliate links.

Let’s say you have an affiliate product you like, you would write a review about that affiliate offer, and at the end you will have a link to that affiliate page with your referral ID in the link. In this case you also need to be 100% sure that your review can make people click on that link, otherwise there is no point of generating any traffic to that review if it does not convert.

Some will mislead you to make some tests to be sure your page convert, those tests could cost you a lot of money, and we know you are here to make money not spend money.

So I strongly recommend to be in the safe side first, start with simple duplicated systems, and then move up to creating your own content. This way you could start making money and then invest some of that money back into your business and grow your business and your profits.

I have mentioned Plug in profits site, this is a duplicate system that is the main reason for me to be an online business owner and make money online, I started with Plug in profit site and slowly when I started to make money with it, I started to learn and grow my experience.

Now how to generate traffic?

That is the million dollar question online. Read on and I will give you some free resources.


The process of making money online for every one not only beginners is:

Having an offer page that convert and driving targeted traffic to that offer. And as a beginner you need to start with an already proven to convert offer page (we called it duplicate system) and then focusing on the traffic generation.

There are too much to learn in the traffic generation science, and YES it is a science. But because I don’t want you to get lost in this huge ocean, I have put some great reports and books for you to download for free and read.

Just go here and download them.

And I strongly recommend this FREE video created by 2 of the most successful internet marketers online. This video will help you start, and will show you and prove to you that what I am sharing here is the only way to make money for beginners and will help you understand the process and introduce you to the best traffic source online.


Really my top recommendation and it’s totally FREE. Click Here


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  1. raheel shuja says:

    i want to make money online

  2. Vikash Yadav says:

    Hey money making online for beginners idea really nice post for everybody who wants make money online.

  3. Writing about what one believes in as well as you have here is impressive. You had my attention from the beginning. You have a great grasp of the points you made. I appreciate your passion.

  4. Some of the points made by the writer are compelling. I agree with most of what the writer has said and the presentation is fabulous.

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