How To Make Money Online Today

You are here to find an answer to this question “How to make money online today”

To answer this really serious question you need to first of all to answer one question.

What are you willing to do to make money online, If you have a real step by step blueprint and you just need to follow, can you really be 100% focused and serious and do whatever it require to make money online?

how to make money online today


If your answer is no or not sure or maybe, I think you are wasting your time reading this article. But if you are 100% sure that you are willing to work hard and follow you will make money I can guarantee that.

The idea of making money online is really simple, it is all about internet marketing. And don’t get scared by the term internet marketing, although it may seem scary, including much of learning. The truth is that it is very simple.

Internet marketing is all about creating a webpage that need to convert and give us the results we seek and generating traffic to that webpage. This is the only aspect that we want to see i

You can see that the answer to the question “how to make money online today” is simple an equation of internet marketing.

The webpage we create could be a video, a sales page, an opt-in page (squeeze page), or just a review or informative page. Our desired conversion must be according, a sale through the sales page, a lead generation through the opt-in page or just a click through when we have a review or just information and want the visitor to click a link to go to other page.

Converting webpage + targeted traffic = make money.

Most internet marketers spend all their time generating traffic, and when they get no or so little results, the blame it on the quality of traffic, never question how good their conversion works.

Lately some internet marketers experts found the best answer to conversion rate, instead of having a sales page it is better to have an opt-in page, then a great follow up system that convert. It’s more logic, people don’t get their credit card out the first time they see a good offer, most of them need more convincing and a simple short but direct follow up message can do magic.

So have a good opt-in page, then a good follow up system and you are 100% secure in the conversion side, then focus on the traffic.

Believe me this is the way millions of dollars are made online, just if you can have a similar system you can make money online.

So let me give you my best solution.

What about if you can put your hands on a system developed by a real expert who is making a 6 figures income monthly online following this same principle?

Will there is, and it is totally free. Russell Bronson a self made millionaire who is working online in the internet marketing business is sharing his own money making system with you totally free. Why he is doing so is simple because his system is based on network marketing and network marketing is about team work.


20 minutes pay day is simply that system, a powerful high converting opt-in page, a follow up system written by Russell himself and very powerful offers that pay 100% commission.

I wish it was that easy when I started working online.

To read about this system you can read my previous post here.

Now you have your own system that convert, you just need to focus on traffic.

I cannot show you all the traffic generation strategies in this post put I can point you to some of the best traffic sources I have found online. 

facebook guide

1. Facebook. I am sure you are spending a lot of time on Facebook and you also know that millions of people are their on each given hour. And the best source of traffic exist today is Facebook. Just connect with people like you searching for the answer to this same question “How to make money online”and give them the same answer I am giving you here.

And here is a gift for you, a complete package on how to get thousands of leads with Facebook, this package is the best of it’s kind online for any kind of online business. It will help you understand how Facebook works, the fan pages, and how attract leads and traffic from facebook. Click here to get it now.


2. Youtube. Also a great source of traffic, just create some short videos, 2 or 3 minutes long videos about making money online, working from home, starting a home business and give a short description of your system. Put the link to your 20 minutes pay day system on the description of your video and give your video a keyword targeted title, like “How to make money online fast”, “Easy way to make money online”, “Simple work from home business”. be creative.

Here is a great system that also show you how to use Youtube for marketing and how to make a lot of money with Youtube Get it here 


3. Google + network. Not as big as Facebook but it is growing 10 times faster. Get their and start connecting with other members.  


4. Classified Ads . Just join some of the high traffic classified ads sites and post free ads under work from home category. 

There are hundreds of other traffic generation strategies, be creative be serious and work hard and you will make a lot of money. 


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