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What is Viral traffic?

Viral traffic is a concept we use to describe traffic generated by other users or readers, when a visitor reach your website and enjoy the content you offer, but not just leave your website after done, he bring more people to your website. You get 2 people to visit your site, they then each get another 2 and so on.

So simply viral traffic is the traffic generated by your visitors to your website.

The best source of viral traffic today is social media, where people share everything with their friends, pictures, movies, messages or simple links.

For example let’s say you have 100 facebook friends, and you shared with them a new blog post, and half of them visit your blog post, now you have 50 visitors. 5 of them shared your new blog post with their friends, and each generated another 50 visits, that is 250 visits to your blog post, and now 20 of them shared your blog post that will generate for you 1000 visits and so on. See the potential!

But to get advantage of such traffic you need to make it easy for your readers and visitors to share your links and content through their social media sites. And the best way to do it is by using social plugin in your blog.

There are hundreds of social plugins that you can add for free to your blog, few of them are really good social plug ins like WP socialize, Sexy Bookmarks, but the Best one we found and we are using here and in all of our blogs is Viral traffic Optimizer 2.0



Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0



social pluginIt is simply the most powerful viral traffic machine we have ever used, because it has everything you need in one simple and easy to use plugin.

Every other plug-in will give you the option to do one thing, some give you the option of having the social buttons in your blog, others allow you to have a subscribe options, some only for Facebook like or subscribe.  And to have all the options for effective viral traffic you will end up installing at least 15 different plug-ins, we know because we had. And the first result you get is slow Blog and you start losing traffic and losing SEO  power.

Viral Traffic Optimizer 2.0 allow us to have all the viral traffic option in one place, and all the designs so we can have the design that best work with our theme. You can have a floating social icons, slider, footer, and header or even in content. You can have a second subscribe bar that also go in all the designs you need, and put it in the best place you want. It allow your readers to subscribe to different services, even to your Aweber or Getresponse auto responder, or your email newsletter.

10 of the most powerful viral traffic machines in one plug-in, that is amazing and that is exactly what bloggers need.

I know some bloggers and webmasters still don’t believe that viral traffic works, and I did once and I had no idea how to tap into this kind of traffic, but when I installed this plug-in I saw the difference in the first month, the growth of the traffic was amazing, the growth of the LIKE, Plus One, Tweets, was amazing.

viral traffic

The price of this social Plugin is ridicules, and the power of this plug-in is amazing. Strongly recommend it. Get it here

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  1. mochadad says:

    I’m a huge fan of social media. I’ve been using it since the early days. Thanks for letting me know about this plug-in.
    mochadad recently posted…Protect your intellectual property onlineMy Profile

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