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I want to share with you here some highly effective Blog traffic tools to increase traffic to your blog.

Blog traffic is not different than any other website traffic, it is easier to generate and increase blog traffic, but still the same marketing tools could be implemented for all kind of websites. And here are the most popular tools used by famous bloggers to increase blog traffic.

There are so many blog traffic and blog marketing strategies and tips, like how to effectively use social media, video marketing, using pictures and infographics. But I don’t want to share here any. I just want to give you some real tools you can use to generate and increase traffic to your blog, increase link popularity and search engine ranking to your blog and attract even more targeted traffic from high traffic blogs, search engines, and high traffic sites.


To generate and increase targeted traffic to your blog or any website you have, you need first of all to identify the best traffic sources, and then use the right tool and marketing strategy to attract traffic from those sources.

However it’s also very important to research and know exactly what kind of traffic each source generate, and where exactly the people you want (targeted traffic) are and how you can get them to visit your blog.
For example, my best source of traffic is Google organic search and related blogs.

I have used Facebook, and Linkedin, and generated a lot of traffic from those 2 social networks, but the traffic in most cases are worthless for my niche, so my best source of traffic is Google organic search, and related blogs with high traffic. I have not used pay per click yet, or pay per view, and I don’t like the idea of wasting my time and my money on these 2 strategies, but in some niches I know these 2 strategies are perfect.


So identify your source (search engine organic searches are the best source for all niches) of traffic first.

Top blog traffic and blog marketing tools:

Unique Article Wizard, as I said earlier, my best source of traffic is Google and related blogs, but to get traffic from Google I need to get my blog posts to the highest ranking possible, and for that I need to build a lot of quality and high value back links. So I spend good amount of time researching keywords that I can rank high for fast, then I start writing the post, after that I write 2 to 5 related articles and distribute those articles through unique article wizard. UAW help me not only get high ranking for each post I publish, but also help me get a lot of targeted traffic from other related and high traffic blogs using the UAW plug-in. So it is by far the best marketing tool for me.

Postlinks it’s somehow similar to UAW it also allow you to post articles on other related and high ranking blogs, but it also have more features that allow you to get more high page rank back links. It’s very easy to use and very powerful; you need to try it to see how powerful it is. I know webmaster buying back links from PR3 and higher website for $50 and more, from webmasters forums and other programs. But with postlinks you can get high page rank back links (even PR6+) for pennies.

Webfire. This is a very powerful and easy to use web-based traffic tool, it helps you distribute articles to the popular and high traffic article directories, create videos from text content and automatically post them to the most visited video sharing sites, and the most important feature with this tool is the blog research tool, which bring you the most relevant and high traffic blogs so you can visit and post comments or request a guest posting or even link exchange.
Very easy to use, very powerful and it can increase your blog traffic very fast and even get you into top search engine ranking really fast.

Free Traffic System, this is a bloggers sharing community when thousands of bloggers submit their blogs to receive unique and quality content, so you can simply post your articles to be published by high ranking blogs, you have full control on where to publish your articles, choosing the page rank, category, and the speed of publishing. They have much more features to their PRO members, like using a high traffic pages from other blogs and websites, creating your own pages on other blogs, and much more.

Thank You Ad Network. This is a different approach to online traffic, it take the power of thank you pages (after someone sign up to a newsletter or free download offer) to the sharing level, when you can share other webmasters traffic. It is very simple and very targeted and unique traffic source.

Fast Fire Sites, again another powerful software from Shawn Casey marketing team. Sometimes it is very hard to get high ranking for your main keyword, and you don’t want to target another low competitive keyword, and it is a problem. This software solve this problem by helping you find a fast way to rank high on Google for some high traffic and low competition keywords, and then redirect this traffic to your blog. It is a very easy to use software with great research tool and fast results.

Bloggers communities, some websites play as bloggers communities where bloggers share a short summary of their posts with other bloggers; this is a good idea to get high value back links and some real fast traffic from bloggers and experts. For example,

Whole lot links, a simple web-based tool that can submit your story, blog post, and adds to different sources of traffic, like website directories, classified ads and social networks creating back links and traffic to your blog.

Other simple blog traffic tools that could also help you increase your blog traffic:

1. All inclusive ads. A marketing coop to promote any links.

2. Rain bow marketing, a free mailing list.

3. Link referral, traffic exchange with ad network.

There are too many other traffic tools like banner exchange, traffic exchange, but most of them are not working anymore, however here are some blog traffic strategies that I strongly recommend, those are the best top blog marketing strategies today:

    • Guest blogging
    • Press Release marketing.
    • Video marketing, especially using YouTube. YouTube recently become one of the most powerful traffic sources right behind Google and Facebook, and when Facebook users are mostly concerned of social activities and hate been annoyed by promotions, and marketing; YouTube users are seeking not only entertainment, but also information and answers, it become a source of highly targeted traffic exactly as Google, and even a little more because Google now also favorite results from YouTube in the results pages. So here i want to recommend a great video marketing training program ==> Video Marketing Academy
    • One creative strategy could be finding a relevant blog with high ranking and high traffic, then contact the owner and offer to purchase a page on their blog, they will in most cases accept because it mean more content to them and you will promote the page link so it mean more deep back links for them. But it give you more advantage if the blog already have high ranking.
    • Using Fiverr to get some social marketing, bookmarking, and back links.
    • Submit RSS feed to the major feed directories and always ping your feed using Ping-o-matic or Feedshark
    • Using the power of Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, Linkedin.


When you try these blog traffic tools and strategies you will see a huge increase on traffic to your blog, and if you are tracking your traffic you will then see what tool or strategy generate the highest amount of traffic, then you can focus your effort to get the best results and the best conversion rate of your traffic.

If you want a link building service to help you increase your search engine ranking and increase blog traffic from organic searches we recommend the LinkEmperor service that is the most popular and powerful today especially after the latest Google updates.
Hope this article is helpful, and would love some real valuable feedback.

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3 Responses to Blog Traffic – Tools top bloggers use to increase blog traffic

  1. hey nice tools suggestions. I never used these tools. I use market samurai for keyword researching article marketing robot for instant article publishing and yeah fiverr to get cheap social media exposure to profiles nice article

  2. Jossef says:

    Thanks for the comment Syed, I do have market samurai and love it, and also own the AMR but i had to stop using it because after the latest Google update this software will make more damage to your ranking, so be careful we do not recommend the old way of article marketing and spinning.

  3. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Jossef, Great Tools Sir. I have not even used or heard about the tools before. I will surely try out some tools which you have listed above. Thanks for Sharing!

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