Blog Post Marketing Strategies

You have published a new blog post, yepeeeeee, great job, now what?

I know you feel really good after each new blog post you publish, but what is the point. Do not forget the purpose of blog marketingpublishing a blog and writing new blog posts. You want to reach people interested in your topic, you need to build an authority as an author and as a blogger and maybe you also want to generate some profits from your blog.

So it’s all end up with blog marketing and blog traffic.

When we publish a new blog post we want to attract as many readers as possible and here I want to show you some blog post promotion strategies and ideas that will help you get the maximum exposure possible for new blog post.

The best and most effective way to promote your blog and each new blog post fast, is to have 2 marketing plans:

  1. Blog marketing plan, that make you keep marketing your blog in general, this plan make you focus on promoting your main blog domain (home page) and your sub-pages. This plan must contain a continuance of link building campaigns, social media signals and constant traffic increase.
  2. New blog posts marketing, that show you a step by step marketing for every new blog post you are publishing, and this post could present the ultimate marketing plan for your new blog posts, and I will always update this blog post to every new marketing strategy or resource I discover, so you must bookmark this post and share it

Here is my step by step marketing plan for each new blog post I publish: blog traffic

1. The first thing you want to do after publishing your new blog post is to share it through all your social media networks. I know it may take you some time to share your link of the new blog post with short message to as many social media sites, bookmarking site and communities and Facebook groups, but it is worth the time and effort.

Also make sure to add a short message with your link and post it to some related groups in Facebook, Google plus communities.

You can automate this process with huge exposure and fast sharing to as many networks, Facebook accounts, pages and groups Google plus communities and RSS feed directories with the Onlywire service.

I strongly recommend automate the process of sharing your new published blog post and build high quality and authority backlinks fast, thats why I use this new powerful software IFTTT Backlink Commando this software allow me to build a multi-tier high quality backlinks to my new blog post in under 1 minute only. You can read more about this software at Backlink booster.

Be sure to have social sharing buttons on your blog posts, you can use a plugin like WPsocializer or Easy Sharing Buttons.

2. The second very important step especially if your blog post could interest other bloggers and webmasters is to share your link in some high traffic bloggers communities and here are the most popular communities:

Memberships, RSS, Blog Engage Blogengage the most popular among bloggers with high traffic you can join for FREE or as premium for high exposure and more engagement. If you join as a paid member they will post your link to their own social media accounts giving you high exposure for your link. Very recommended.

Blokube Premium only membership with 4000 bloggers already.

Bizsugar great  community but they review each new link you submit and it take them a long time to approve your new link.



See the best bloggers communities online today at this post


3. Use social exchange platforms, There are money of such platforms but I only use one Justretweet, you will find that this one have the top bloggers as members and it is the most effective cause it share your link exactly as it is without any short links and redirects.

4. Search for related posts on other blogs and submit a comment, if you are using Commentluv plugin that is a great thing now you can find other blogs using commentluv and post a comment, and there are thousands of blogs outthere using this powerful plugin. With commentluv you will get 2 backlinks with each comment you post, one to your main site with your name, and another in the body of the comment linking directly to your latest blog post with your anchore text.

Using these 4 strategies you will generate massive traffic to your new published blog posts, not only but you will force Google and other search engines to notice your new blog post, index it, and with the time rank it higher and higher in the search results pages if your blog is getting more and more backlinks constantly.

Now you can keep building backlinks to your main blog and your new blog post using any link building strategy you are using like article marketing, forums, wikis, or even press release. Just never stop building high quality backlinks to your main URL and increasing your domain authority.

My recommended link building services are:

link Emperor and PostLinks


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  1. Dira says:

    True. Blog readers are the main focus for the blog owner. Thank you that is helpful article. I use OnlyWire connected with the website. The results are good but quite heavy loading. Affiliate Programs

  2. Dave says:

    Great article.Thanks for sharing.I also like using Hootsuite and Pinglist Pro.They are great automation tools for a small fee.

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