Alexa Rank and 10 ways to increase Alexa traffic rank

We have noticed in the start of 2015 a huge change in Alexa rank among most of the popular blogs and websites, you may also notice an increase in the Alexa traffic rank in your own blog lately but most bloggers got a huge decrease in their Alexa traffic rank.

Drop in Alexa rank does not mean drop in traffic, it could simply mean other sites are getting better improve-alexa-rankingranking than you. It is like a contest. And vice versa increase in your Alexa rank does not mean you are getting more traffic, but in most cases it does. 

First let’s explain some terms

What is Alexa traffic rank?

Alexa rank is website tool measure sites traffic and rank site by the highest traffic, the site with highest traffic will have an Alexa rank of one (1) which is Google now and number 2 is Facebook. So the higher your rank mean the number on the rank is lower. And if your rank is 150,000 means that 150,000 sites are getting more traffic than you.

So we seek to increase our Alexa ranking by getting lower and lower in the rank measure tool.

How Alexa traffic rank work? And how it can measure traffic?

Basically they use their toolbar and browser extensions to measure traffic, which mean that their rank will be only among users who have installed the toolbar or the extension. Now you can see that this measure tool is not accurate but it is still the most accurate tool online to rank sites by traffic. And it is highly related to users and topics of each site, you could be the highest traffic site in your niche but have a very low Alexa rank only because your visitors do not have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser.
Mostly business, technology, marketing, and internet categories are getting high Alexa ranking, and bloggers who target these categories can get higher ranking.

How important is Alexa traffic rank?

It is important when it come to website value, and when you are trying to attract advertisers to buy ad space on your site. Nothing more.

How to increase Alexa traffic rank?increase alexa traffic rank

Simply by increasing traffic to your website, I will not tell you here to install the browser extension or asking your visitors to install it, it is very stupid, and cheap trick, but there are more effective ways to increase Alexa ranking really fast.

Honestly I do not care much about Alexa ranking my main focus is on search engine ranking and how to increase traffic to my site. But other bloggers are very interested to increase their Alexa rank.
Here are some ideas:

1. Use services that exchange traffic in a way that your website will pop up without any frames, such alexamaster-300x250services like and is really effective in increasing your Alexa rank very fast because they exchange traffic with other webmasters who have the Alexa toolbar and your site will open in a new window and stay open for 60 seconds. is the same but it does not have enough members to boost your rank, but it can help.


2. Use social media extensively, social media is now the number one source of traffic, and you can direct hundreds of visitors from social media to your site. Use viral videos, funny and popular pictures or just post your messages with your links. Especially using Linkedin because most Linkedin members have the Alexa toolbar installed.

3. Use bloggers communities like BlogEngage to share your blog posts and get traffic from other bloggers to your own blog. Here is a list of some popular bloggers communities.

4. Buy some cheap traffic from SEOclerks marketplace, you can find some very cheap traffic packages that can really boost your.

5. Read and follow this post Increase Blog Traffic.

6. Comment on other blogs and invite bloggers to comment on your blog.

7. Participate on webmasters forums and share some interesting posts and connect with other members.

8. Create lists on your site, lists that other bloggers and webmasters are seeking, lists of blogs, forums, social networking sites and press release sites. Here is a simple example of list free press release sites.

9. use answer sites, and answer questions related to your topic and refer readers to your blog and blog posts. Yahoo answers and

10. Build backlinks that can increase your search engine ranking and traffic. Here I strongly recommend investing as much money as you can afford, building backlink is the best way to go, not just to increase your Alexa ranking but also increase all your site rankings and traffic. SEO Link building services or by using a powerful marketing software like SEO Software.

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6 Responses to Alexa Rank and 10 ways to increase Alexa traffic rank

  1. Tamal says:

    I don’t really understand why people are so much concerned about increasing their Alexa rank. While a good Alexa rank really matters to measure the amount of visitors a site might have, we should understand that it is more important to understand why kind of visitors a site is receiving. Because this is the only one factor that makes sure how much the site would earn.

    High Alexa rank doesn’t guarantee high earnings. It depends on various different factors. A site owner has to make sure that the site receives only the kind of visitors it needs. Even if the visitors are not high in numbers, the site can still generate enough profit.

    Also alexa rank is not something we should try to increase or we can increase. We should let it increase on its own. Because that’s how it should work.

    However, the article is pretty informative and should be helpful for anyone wanting to increase the Alexa rank.

    I am sorry if i said anything wrong. But it’s what i have learned from my experience.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tamal Thanks for the comment, I agree with you that we only need to focus on the traffic and marketing however some of us need high alexa ranking to sell ad space or even when they want to sell their domains

  2. You have really shared an interesting topic here have visited both site but alexaboostup is closed to new signup can you help on that?

    • admin says:

      I cannot, but i know they still open for new users but they can detect your IP if you already have an account or had an account, you can try again using another browser like chrome

  3. sanket says:

    Well thanks for this helpful tips , i have been looking ways to improve the alexa rank of my new site this tips will definitely help to do it

  4. sanjay says:

    my suggestion is to following all these tips and one more important thing is you should update your site regularly with fresh and unique content this will show you better result on alexa, as i done on jobsog website and got better results in indian and global rank

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