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This page was updated in January - 24  -  2014

Forex Robots

Here are the best Forex Robots also known as Forex trading software or Forex expert advisors.

We have been updating the information in this page frequently, and found ourselves adding new Forex trading software and very soon removing it after testing such software for short time and finding that it is worthless. And if we were trying to list here all the Forex Robots and trading software we would list hundreds. So we decide to keep only what really worked and have been working for the last 3 years at least.

Also from testing the new Forex robots we found a very interesting element, most if not all these new Forex robots are using the same algorithm created by Forex Megadroid and Forex Fap Turbo; with a little change to be able to claim that they have created a unique software.

So we find it more legit to talk and suggest only these 2 Forex robots. 

The best Forex Robots and Forex trading software in the market


Forex Fap Turbo 2 robot

top rated forex robots

Is the first most popular forex robot on the market, it was the first robot to declare the money doubling guarantee, and it's maybe the only forex robot that was proved as 100% capable of doubling your account balance.

Forex Fap Turbo maybe the only forex robot that uses a simple algorithm that can analyze forex charts with Meta Trader 4 and can identify small changes at the same time it happens. It can detect when a downward and upward signal will accrue and when it will fade. And it will automatically will open deals according to those signals, then it will close the deals when they reached a safe zone, and it will not risk it.

forex robots

It is the perfect robot for fully automated forex trading process, because it has it's own safety net, where it will maximize profits with zero risk.

For some professional forex traders this kind of trading is boring because it does not risk more money to bring higher profits. Greed is what defines us and some of us greed what motivate them, and Fap Turbo will never satisfy your greed. However for most forex trader and all new forex traders Fap Turbo the ultimate forex robot to guarantee profits.




fapturbo 2 forex robot

Forex Fap Turbo 2 robot maybe the only successful Forex trading robot that is now trading the Bitcoin currency. And making huge huge profits to trader by leveraging the potential and increase use of this currency.

Bitcoin is a so called cryptocurrency.. virtual money that is currently establishing itself as a serious monetary instrument.. Its inflation safe and hackerproof.

And now with Fap Turbo 2 you can automatically trade the Bitcoin and make a lot of money with this new trading concept.





Forex Megadroid

best forex trading software

Forex Megadroid is very unique forex robot created by 2 very experts forex traders. It is the only robot recommended by Fap Turbo creators. And used by almost all forex traders. It is by far the most popular and used forex robot.

Forex Megadroid is unlike most robots that use a 1 minute entry point. It uses a 1 hour timeframe to trigger its entry. This means instead of trying to take a trade every time, it acts like a predator waiting patiently for its kills.

It could be a disadvantage because it make this robot open deals only when it detect a strong change on the signal, and when the signal is steady it will not make any deals. But when it trade it can make very high profits.

The strategy used by forex Megadroid robot is a high profit strategy with 3:1 reword / risk. The very experienced creators of this robots had tried to implement their 30 + years of experience on this software to try to guarantee safety of any trading account and high chances of making up to 400% increase with any trading account.

It's a very easy 5 minutes installation process but you must pay more attention to the setting of this robot. And for any help do not hesitate to contact the support of this robot, they are a helpful team.

Forex Megadroid is a must have for any serious forex trader, not because it can make huge profits from single signal, but also because no market change, or condition can affect on it's performance. It's like it has it's own market and it's very stable and predictable.

This forex robot works only with the ERU/USD currency pair, it has a PRO version that works with the major currency pairs but it was not successful as the basic robot.

I personally find it very helpful with my manual trading because it can detect big changes with the ERU/USD signal.

List Of Other Forex robots with Good ratingList of Forex robots


Wall Street Forex Robot a good performance with low risk forex robot.

GPS Forex robot, a simple yet proven very powerful Forex robot playing it safe trading the EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD and USDCHF pairs


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Forex is a multi billion dollar business, and a high risk business, so you need to be careful and get all the help and assistant you can get, Forex robots and forex signals services can be a great help for you to help you increase profits from trading in the Forex market.

Good Luck