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Binary Options Affiliate Programs Best for 2014

The easiest prediction for the top paying affiliate programs for 2014.

The highest paying affiliate programs for 2013 were the Binary Options affiliate programs, that in somehow replaced the Forex trading affiliate programs with really high commissions and easier conversions.

binary options affiliate programsIf you have been in the affiliate marketing business for the last 2 years, you must have seen the increase on binary options affiliate programs, binary options offers in multiple affiliate networks and a huge increase in binary options brokers, software and trading platforms; which in a certain way means a huge success in this niche.

To be honest with you, my main business online is SEO, and I have been making some good money with it. In the last couple years most if not all my clients were binary options website, I had no idea about this kind of niches but so I hired some freelancers to write the content for me while I make the marketing, link building and on-page SEO for those sites. All of my clients were easily investing thousands of dollars monthly to promote their binary options blogs and sites,; for example we were buying guest posts on high authority business blogs for $500 per post.

This made me very interesting on this niche, because simple logic says that when people invest this kind of money, they must know they have high return on investment (ROI). And I started to explore some binary options affiliate programs and affiliate offers.

The top paying binary options affiliate programs were binary options brokers, who pay from $100 per active trader up to $2000 per active trader, depends on the start-up deposit.

While I was working so hard in the SEO business, and sometime reject new clients because I don’t have time, and earning so little in profits, affiliates were making and easy $5000 per month with $3 to $10 EPC, from binary options broker affiliate programs.

So I decided to try out this affiliate business, but again in a simple way that does not require content writing, video creation, blogging and SEO. So I choose Facebook ads to promote 2 different binary options brokers and it was a huge success.

If you have time it will be more profitable to promote binary option affiliate offers the old fashion way,  like reviews, video marketing and blogging and generate free traffic and make some real high profits with this niche as long as it last.

Here are my best binary options affiliate programs I work with, with easy conversion, accept traders from most countries around the world and pay high commissions.

My best choice is Rush Bucks  maybe one of the first binary option affiliate programs and still the leading binary options brokers worldwide. I love Rush Bucks for many reasons, their tracking, marketing materials and tools, high conversion rate and real helpful affiliate manager. They are really my first and best choice and mostly because I had the highest earnings with them.

24 options it is one of the most popular binary options brokers, and affiliates love popular so you will find this broker so famous online and promoted in most affiliate blogs and pay per click. Good commission and huge data base of marketing materials with too many languages.

Titan Trade   is maybe the fastest growing binary option broker because  of their affiliate program, they pay high commission that can reach up to $700 per active trader with revenue share. Simple back office for affiliates with not much marketing materials, but the commission and the easy conversion make them a fast growing and top affiliates love them.

There are hundreds and soon will be thousands of binary option brokers and trading platform affiliate programs, I will stick with what I know. You can find others but be sure of three things:

  1.  They pay on time, are not scam or fraud. Make a search online and see what other affiliates are saying about them before you join and start promoting
  2.  They must pay you a high commission, minimum of $100 per active trader with revenue sharing options.
  3.  Conversion rate and this is the hardest, you may think that all brokers convert in the same way, but you are wrong, the more professional their landing page look, offer bonuses and trading tools and materials to their customers the more they convert.  Think as a trader not as an affiliate, and then you can test them with some marketing campaigns like pay per click (PPC).

  If you are an affiliate and seeking a way to make some serious money on 2014, binary options affiliate programs are the best choice. And allow me to share with you a simple tip to make some fast commissions with binary options affiliate programs.

If you speak a different language than English, join 24 options  because they support several languages, and create a targeted page or blog to promote this offer. Or maybe create a PPC campaign in that language. It can earn you some fast commissions because today most affiliates are promoting to English speakers only.

Good Luck

Why it is hard to make money with JVZOO affiliate network.

What is JVZOO ?

Jvzoo is an affiliate network for digital products only. It is one of the popular affiliate network for internet marketing digital products. And it is one of the lowest affiliate earning network. It is almost impossible to earn any money from Jvzoo affiliate network.

Why it is very tempting to work with JVZOO?

JVZOO affiliate network offer a direct deposit to your own Paypal account, and they offer high commission rate. When you register as an affiliate with JVZOO you give them your Paypal account, and when you get any sale from your affiliate link, the commission will instantly be paid directly to your Paypal account. Affiliates love this strategy but with JVZOO it is only a temptation method to make you try hard to promote their products. And as for the high commission rate it is not so special when all digital products offer high commission rate.

Why it is hard to make money with JVZOO?

Jvzoo allow anyone to sign up for affiliate account and everyone working online with internet marketing affiliate marketing knows about JVZOO.

As an affiliate you will promote JVZOO offers to people interested in such offer, niche, and all JVZOO offers are targeting internet marketing niche, so the people you are trying to sell to are all internet marketers and almost all of them know about JVZOO. And if they like the offer you are promoting they will change the affiliate link to their own and buy the offer from their own link to get the commission themselves.

We have noticed this same issue with clickbank affiliate network with all the e-business offers, and with all other affiliate networks that promote internet marketing products.

Personally I have done this several times, I had an email about SEO offer and when I noticed that the offer is a JVZOO offer, I will go to my JVZOO back office and create an affiliate link to that specific offer then purchase from my own link. and get the affiliate commission as a discount on that offer.

You will do the same. If I send you a good offer on some digital product that you like and want to try, and when you hit the buy bottun you findout that it is a JVZOO offer, what will you do? will you continue the purchase from my link, or go get your own link?

So what to do?

Instead of promoting affiliate offers from networks like JVZOO, Clickbank or any other, try to find another affiliate program that can protect your commission, private affiliate programs are much better for 2 reasons, first it guarantee a much valuable product or service and second it protect your commission.

If you are marketing for internet marketing niche, you can find private affiliate programs like Pure-leverage that offer high commission  and 2 tier affiliate programs which mean more profits for you.

But another solution is to chose another niche, and promote offers to people who have less knowledge about affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

For example:

Most profitable affiliate offers on ClickBank are:

Health related offers such as weight lose programs.

Love and relationship offers

You can find a private affiliate programs for similar niches like

Market health that promote health and beauty products.

Moreniche that also promote health related products.

Just make a search online for the affiliate program you seek. It is always better to promote offers that guarantee high conversion rate and good commission payout but most important a safe affiliate earning. You must be sure that no one can steal your affiliate earning.

If you already tried to promote JVZOO affiliate offers  you already noticed this image all the time when you visit your affiliate back office.


It is correct that I am not promoting any JVZOO offers and I am not getting any traffic, but I am sure you have tried to promote and got traffic to your JVZOO offers but I am also sure your sales and commissions are the same as mien.

However if you promote a private affiliate offer such as PureLeverage you could easily get screenshots like this on your credit card payments.

 pureleverage affiliate earnings

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New High Paying Affiliate Program

make money for beginners

We want to share with you here a new high paying affiliate program that was just launched, a new internet marketing training program that pay high commission up to $50 per sale and also have a 2 tier affiliate program that pays up to $5 per second tier sale.

this program is IMtarget affiliate program, promoting the Internet Marketing training from Anik Singal one of the best and most successful internet marketers.

Join IMtarget affiliate program here

Watch this short video about IMtarget training program.

If you are a blogger, it could be a great opportunity to promote this course on your blog to make some extra money from your blog.


high paying affiliate program