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Free Affiliate Website

Here is how to get your own affiliate website for FREE, the best top money making FREE affiliate websites.

Now you can start your own affiliate business and make money with affiliate marketing for free and without any effort from your side, just get your own free affiliate website, update your affiliate IDs and start promoting your website effectively and you will start making money in no time.

The basics of making money with affiliate marketing is to have a converting affiliate website and then promote this website effectively online. And most new affiliate fail online because of the first step that is building their own affiliate website.

Some start in learning how to setup and optimize their own affiliate website, spending a lot of money and time in the process and soon they quite, however smart affiliates get their ready made affiliate website and spend the time and money on promoting their website, and when they start to earn commission they start to improve their website and add more pages, more content and more affiliate offers.

So don't waste your time and money on setting up your affiliate website. Get one of the following Free affiliate websites and start promoting your website immediately.


Here are the top rated money making FREE affiliate websites

free affiliate website Plug In Profit Site , It is the most powerful and popular money making free affiliate website. It's totally free website with 6 different income streams. The will build and upload your affiliate website for free, they will also give you a free hosting in their server.

The only thing you need to do is to register your own domain name, they will show you how. With Plug In Profit Site you will not only get a free affiliate website with free hosting, you'll also get an instant fully automated affiliate business that will start earn you affiliate commission and network marketing income in 30 days. And the best part is that they will set up every thing for you for free. They will set up a list building system so you can start building your own list, they will automate your business and give you the power of making money online with 6 income opportunities in autopilot. Not only but they will also give you a 30 days training, that cover the basics of promoting your free affiliate website online and start making money as fast as possible.

 Plug In Profit Site is maybe the top success maker online with hundreds of success stories, because it provide all new affiliate needs to run their own affiliate business absolutely free. Most of us started their online business with Plug In Profit Site. And here is your chance to start your own online success. Again it will cost you nothing at all, not even hosting just sign up and choose your income streams and you'll get your own affiliate business in 48 hours.


affiliate website Free Affiliate Review Site, One of the most effective affiliate marketing strategy that bring high commissions and the highest affiliate sales is affiliate reviews. It's simple concept of reviewing an affiliate offers and compare related affiliate offers together then rate those affiliate offers making it easier for people to choose the right one.

For example if I want to promote Forex Expert advisor that is also known as forex robots, I will chose the top affiliate robots on the market, then review each of them and compare the feature. Then I will make my own recommendation so anyone looking for forex robots will see the top ones all together, and compare between them and make his choice easily.

 With Free Affiliate Review Site you will get a top rated affiliate reviews from different affiliate offers. It's one of the top money making affiliate websites online. You will be only paying for the hosting and domain name registration, then they will build your affiliate review site with subpages. This website is highly optimized to the search engines and user friendly website that make it easier to make affiliate sales and earn commissions. Some of their affiliate offers will generate a residual income for you.

They only promote high value affiliate offers that are easy to sell and bring high commission to you. You can sign up and get your free affiliate website, everything will be done for you for free you only pay for hosting and domain name, update your affiliate IDs, then start promoting your pages and you will start seeing affiliate sales in less than 60 days that is very fast in the affiliate business, and with time and as you are investing more time on promoting your website you will notice that your commission is getting bigger and bigger.


free affiliate website health business Free Health Related affiliate website. Do you know that the top selling products online are health related products, and the most searched for on the search engines are health related search terms. So obviously it will be the top money making online. And you can have your own online health related affiliate store, without any tech-knowledge or hard work.

For instance you can have a full money making health system with Health-biz-in-box opportunity . Or better you can run your own health store selling some of the top health related products online with Herbal-biz. Herbal-biz w will provide you with a fully automated online business that accept orders, payments and handle the shipment and customers support.

And you will earn a 40%-50% commission on all products sold. It is amazing how you can partner with multi million companies that invest millions of dollars developing products, and get half of the real value only by promoting the products, that mean you will earn more than the company itself.


Remember, you will get those free affiliate website directly to your own domain name, some will ask for hosting the first one Plug In Profit Site give you also a free hosting. But to start making money with those websites you will need to effectively promote them and generate traffic, the first step we strongly recommend is to start building links to your website and increase your search engine rankings

Again you are getting a free website with 100% control on that website under your own domain name. So even if you want to change the content, the design or even all the website, you will not lose your marketing effort because it's still your own domain name.

You can learn some basic SEO and link building strategies at SEO Link Building

We strongly recommend start promoting your website with article marketing using Unique Article Wizard that will guarantee search engine indexing and getting page rank 3 fast.

You can also use the 100% hand free link building service Link Emperor that can help your reach Google first page fast and start getting free traffic from Google organic searches, which is the best free traffic out there.


Fast Money Making Affiliate Systems

Here are the latest money making systems for affiliates, some will give you your own affiliate website and help you promote your website fast, and generate for cash as fast as possible. It's not free but with minimum investment and can tack you directly to money making.

1. Mass Profit Site, the process of making money as an affiliate is easy, but most affiliate fail to follow this process exactly. That's why some affiliates have developed software to duplicate this process exactly. Mass Profit Site is the best software online that follow this process and generate real cash by promoting the most popular affiliate offers online.

With Mass Profit Site you will get your own affiliate website and promote it automatically to generate cash fast.


2. Affiliate Resurrection is a great system that directly take you to the money making process, how to research a great trends and offer people the best related affiliate offer and earn high commission.

This is a very simple system that works


Do it yourself Affiliate Website

If you want to build your own affiliate business online all by yourself without any help, it's not hard but there are some mistakes you need to avoid and basic elements you need to know about.

Choosing your niche, Start by identifying your website subject and your niche (people who will be interested in the topic). Then go to Google keyword tool to find out what people will look for in your topic. Enter your main subject "Weight Loss" in the tool box then search, it will give you a list of keywords people type in when searching in Google and will give you the number of searches made monthly to each term. Choose a low to medium competition, and least 1000 searches per month

choosing your domain name, from the keywords you have, try to find a domain that is the same search term, play with it to find a good targeted domain name. Use Moniker domain registration service, it's the cheapest and easiest to use.

Choosing your hosting, this is a very important step that will affect your marketing, tracking and managing your business, my best recommendation is Host4Profit, it's the most popular among internet marketers, affiliate marketers and SEO companies. But if you are looking for a cheap hosting that is still a good hosting and easy to use you can use HostGator

Choosing your website content, here you need to make your own research and write your own content, remember you need to provide high value, helpful and updated content. You can read some related blogs, forum discussions and articles online to have better view of the subject you are writing about and the most popular content online.

Optimizing your website, optimize your website to search engines and target organic search engine inclusion, search engines are the best source of traffic, go to search engine optimization and see an on page check list.

Find good affiliate offers, now you need to look for affiliate programs and affiliate networks that offer products and services related to your topic. Use Google to search using this search term "your subject affiliate program".

Here is a sample of top paying affiliate programs.

And affiliate networks like Clickbank and Global Matrix CPA network


Promoting your website, now start marketing your website and generate traffic.

Here are some very powerful marketing tools and resources


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