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Here I want to share with you some amazing WP affiliate plugins that allow you to earn more from your blog and increase your affiliate commission or even start making money with affiliate marketing.

But first:

What is WP affiliate plugin?wp affiliate

There are WordPress (WP) plugins for almost any purpose, and some of those plugins are created for affiliates to help them generate more affiliate commissions from their affiliate blogs, there are different WP affiliate plugins with different features and I will share here only the most popular:

1. WP affiliate plugin that only cloak affiliate URLs to make it look more natural and even internal link. The most popular in this category is affiliate link cloaker plugin  that not only cloak your affiliate links but also show you hit statistics on each link you generate.

2. Affiliate programs plugins that allow you to run your own affiliate program on WordPress blog. Some bloggers use this kind of plugins to sell their products, or just generating more traffic to their blogs by selling a report or e-book, or to build a list of affiliates.  A popular plugin that can help you generate an automatic affiliate program and pay your affiliates directly and automatically with Paypal is WordPress affiliate & Refferral Plugin

affiliate plugin

3. e-store affiliate blugins, a common affiliate plugins used to create affiliate stores in your blog, these plugins can generate automatic affiliate stores, niche related stores and automatically generate content and update your products. However it mostly works with one affiliate network each. for example if you want to create an amazon niche store you can use the powerful WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates. I love this plugin because it’s very easy to use and can work 100% automatically with powerful SEO features. Click here and read about this plugin

amazon affiliate plugin


4. Affiliate Plugins that add wedgets to your blog with affiliate offers, the most popular in this category is the Envato Affiliate booster plugin.

envato affiliate plugin

I use this plugin in this blog to show some recommended products from the Evanto affiliate network that is the largest digital products affiliate network with thousands of software, scripts, to wordpress themes.

There are a lot other affiliate plugins that in my humble opinion does not do any good to your affiliate marketing or blogging such as affiliate plugins that convert words in your posts to affiliate links.

Using a powerful effective wp affiliate plugin in your blog could really increase your affiliate commission and help you earn the maximum out of your blog.

Good luck



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