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social bookmarking service 

The deference between social bookmarking sites and what we called websites similar to MySpace is that in the social bookmarking sites you cannot build a profile page, you can only bookmark your favorite websites. Your links will be considered as a high quality back links.

If you have a new website, or webpage and want to index it fast in the search engines it's better to add it to high ranking bookmarking site than submitting it to the search engines.

Google for instance is crawling the Digg site in high frequency, so it will index new websites from Digg faster than any other way.

 After Bookmarking your pages it's highly recommended to ask someone else also to bookmark some of your pages for you, this will give your pages a value on the bookmark sites (more votes more value) and will increase the traffic you could get from those bookmarks, and it will also increase the page rank of the page your link is on and by that increase your own Page Rank.

It is very recommended to bookmark each and every page you have, even a page that is not on your site but contain a link back to your site. And because it may take time. We recommend this automatic software that can automatically bookmark your site to hundreds of social bookmarking sites.

Bookmark Wiz The best automatic social bookmarking software online.


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Social Bookmarking Sites Google PR
http://bookmarks.yahoo.com 9
http://myweb.yahoo.com 8
http://www.google.com/notebook 8
http://favorites.live.com 8
http://www.digg.com 8
http://mystuff.ask.com 8
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http://www.technorati.com 8
http://del.icio.us 8
http://www.stumbleupon.com 8
http://www.netscape.com 8
http://www.reddit.com 7
http://www.meneame.net 7
http://www.fark.com 7
http://www.ilike.com 7
http://www.mog.com 7
http://www.newsvine.com 7
http://www.furl.net 7
http://www.blinklist.com 7
http://www.dzone.com 7
http://www.clipmarks.com 7
http://www.pligg.com 7
http://www.kaboodle.com 7
http://www.bumpzee.com 7
http://ma.gnolia.com 7
http://www.rollyo.com 7
http://www.jaiku.com 7
http://www.9rules.com 7
http://www.startaid.com 7
http://www.shoutwire.com 7
http://www.bluedot.us 7
http://www.gather.com 7
http://news.ycombinator.net 6
http://www.simpy.com 6
http://www.nowpublic.com 6
http://www.plugim.com 6
http://www.stylehive.com 6
http://www.spurl.net 6
http://www.blinkbits.com 6
http://www.librarything.com 6
http://www.blogmarks.net 6
http://www.netvouz.com 6
http://www.diigo.com 6
http://www.wink.com 6
http://www.corank.com 6
http://www.popurls.com 6
http://www.mister-wong.com 6
http://www.backflip.com 6
http://www.rojo.com 6
http://www.shadows.com 6
http://www.bloghop.com 6
http://www.rawsugar.com 6
http://www.listible.com 6
http://www.thoof.com 6
http://www.tailrank.com 6
http://www.wists.com 6
http://www.bibsonomy.org 6
http://www.plime.com 6
http://my.xilinus.com 6
http://www.yoono.com 6
http://www.searchles.com 6
http://www.hugg.com 6
http://www.citeulike.org 6
http://www.kuro5hin.org 6
http://de.lirio.us 6
http://www.spotback.com 6
http://www.spotplex.com 6
http://www.fazed.org 6
http://www.kinja.com 6
http://www.connotea.org 6
http://www.markaboo.com 6
http://www.stylefeeder.com 6
http://www.i89.us 6
http://www.linkagogo.com 6
http://www.lifelogger.com 6
http://www.feedmelinks.com 6
http://www.tagtooga.com 5
http://www.buddymarks.com 5
http://www.claimid.com 5
http://www.clipfire.com 5
http://www.linkroll.com 5
http://www.bmaccess.net 5
http://www.aboogy.com 5
http://www.oyax.com 5
http://www.gravee.com 5
http://www.butterflyproject.nl 5
http://www.myhq.com 5
http://www.wirefan.com 5
http://ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com 5
http://www.a1-webmarks.com 5
http://www.connectedy.com 5
http://www.sitejot.com 5
http://www.linkatopia.com 5
http://www.myvmarks.com 5
http://www.getboo.com 5
http://www.mylinkvault.com 5
http://www.urlex.info 5
http://www.lilisto.com 5
http://www.philoi.com 5
http://www.syncone.net 5
http://www.syncone.net 5
http://www.30daytags.com 5
http://www.shoppersbase.com 5
http://www.linkfilter.net 5
http://www.voo2do.com 5
http://www.jeteye.com 5
http://www.hanzoweb.com 5
http://www.myprogs.net 5
http://www.reader2.com 5
http://www.fungow.com 5
http://www.feedmarker.com 5
http://www.zlitt.com 5
http://www.hyperlinkomatic.com 5
http://www.tektag.com 5
http://dev.upian.com/hotlinks/ 4
http://www.givealink.org 4
http://www.unalog.com 4
http://www.plum.com 4
http://www.ifaves.com 4
http://www.taggly.com 4
http://www.rrove.com 4
http://www.maple.nu 4
http://www.links2go.com 4
http://www.sync2it.com 4
http://www.saveyourlinks.com 4
http://www.web-feeds.com 4
http://www.ez4u.net 4
http://www.allmyfavorites.net 4
http://www.6-clicks.com 4
http://www.ambedo.com 4
http://www.cloudytags.com 4
http://www.dohat.com 4
http://www.chipmark.com 4
http://www.bookkit.com 4
http://www.wobblog.com 4
http://www.meme-stream.com 4
http://www.thinkpocket.com 4
http://www.yattle.com 4
http://www.tutorialism.com 4
http://www.carnatic.com/www/ 4
http://www.2centsnews.com 4
http://www.gibeo.net 4
http://www.portachi.com 4
http://www.aworldofhelp.com 4
http://www.tabmarks.com 4
http://supr.c.ilio.us 4
http://www.sitetagger.com 4
http://www.trexy.com 3
http://www.openserving.com 3
http://www.allyourwords.com 3
http://thumblicio.us 3
http://www.newsweight.com 3
http://www.nextaris.com 3
http://www.pixelmo.com 3
http://www.listmixer.com 3
http://www.wurldbook.com 2
http://www.memfrag.com 2
http://www.feedalley.com 0
http://www.smelis.com 0
http://www.recipe-buzz.com 0


social bookmarking service 


Important tips:
 * Try to add as many pages from your website as you can, deep linking will helps increasing your page rank faster.
** Start with high PR sites
*** Send your pages to your friends and if they like it they can also bookmark it with these websites, send them a url for this list and they can also help you bookmark your pages, deferent bookmarks from deferent users will increase your ranking in the bookmark it self and can drive a qualty traffic to your pages.
**** Free a few minutes to read the rules in each site.

***** do not bombard these sites with link after link!  search engines (especially Google) do not like to see a site go from nonexistent to thousands of visitors a day overnight.  Its not all that natural or normal!



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