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Network Marketing Opportunities. The best multi-level network marketing businesses and companies for 2012 and beyond 

The best top network marketing opportunities on the internet. Earn extra income, passive monthly income on the internet working with the top Network marketing businesses and money making opportunities online.

Our top recommended network marketing opportunity for 2012 is PureLeverage

I personally Love network marketing because with some effort you can generate a passive residual income online, that start as a small income but build up with the time and work you add. Today one of my team is earning more than $3000 monthly each as a residual income online just with Easy Money Method and MyWorldPlus.

Network marketing is not for everyone, and to be honest with you no one can guarantee you any success with network marketing and anyone does that is a big fat liar. It depends on so many factors like your character, your passion, hard work, how social you are, and how serious you can be.

But it is the best way to make money online creating a steady stream of income growing each month while you are building a team of network marketers who will work with you and grow their own business while all together growing your own.

With today's technology and internet, it become very easy to work with network marketing and make a lot of money really fast, the simple example of using social networks like Facebook to build your network marketing team and bring people to your network marketing business, prove that almost anyone with an internet connection can make huge profits online with network marketing and multilevel marketing (MLM).

The Best Network Marketing System

Let me start by sharing with you my top choice of network marketing System.

Network marketing success start not by choosing the right network marketing opportunity, but the right network marketing system. If you are in network marketing business you already know that to succeed in this business you must set up a powerful marketing system that goes like this:

1. A powerful converting capture page, some call it also squeeze page. This page is simply designed to grape your visitor attention and force them to hand you their email address.

2. A follow up system that keep contacting your prospects. We know people do not join any offer directly and you need to follow up with them to increase your chances of making them join you.

3. A great opportunity that most people in this market will love and join.

4. A fast start payment. After all we do it for the money in the first place, and we want to get paid. So I want a fast start payment.

 You can build your own system, it's not that difficult, but why build it when you can get it all done for you, just set up your own system and click launch.

Easy Money Method is the best network marketing system online, simply because it has it all. Your own system with your own list building and follow up systems, plus a 600% fast start payment.. yes you heard right a product that will cost your subscribers only $8 but the company will pay you $50 fast start bonus.

If you are in network marketing business, or just starting, you need to have this system.. You simply have to.

Click here and set up your own easy money system right now


The Best Top Rated Network Marketing Opportunities For all times

Pure Leverage by far is the best network marketing opportunity I have ever worked with, with amazing products and 100% commission payment and great pay plan that make your effort very profitable, and fast. Pureleverage was created for network marketers and internet marketers to help them make the highest income possible and very fast.

Without talking more about this amazing opportunity, if you are looking for fast success and make a lot of money really fast, you need to join this opportunity right now, you will find all the information about this amazing opportunity HERE 


Plug in profit site It is the best home based business opportunity online, with amazing record of successful money makers, with this opportunity you can get your own free website that promote 6 different income streams to generate for you extra income from the internet.

Its a combination of network marketing and affiliate marketing in one system. The plug in profit team will build for you for FREE a website that promote some of the best network marketing opportunities and affiliate programs. We recommend all the programs with plug in profit.

Plug in profit site is a great way to start your own money making online home based business, and generate a residual income from powerful network marketing opportunity. This system not only will help you have a powerful profit making website but will also train you and help you become a successful internet marketer in 30 days training system they provide for FREE.

Plug in profit site had created hundreds of very successful network marketers in the last 3 years, now its back and its even better than ever, here is your chance to finally succeed online.

Network Marketing

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Top network marketing opportunities 2011, 2012 ...

Empower Network it is the most popular and highest converting and money making network marketing opportunity online today, if you have been in Facebook this year you have probably seen a lot of ads and a lot of people promoting this business opportunity.

We highly recommend Empower network, and it's not by chance you will find that Empower network is a significant part of any successful network marketing system like Easy money method and PlugInProfitSite, and when we promote those 2 powerful network marketing business system we are growing our Empower team and business.

If you want really to start a network marketing business the fast easy way and guarantee high profits we recommend using Easy Money Method and join both Empower network and Gogvo with this system.


MyWorldPlus. This is the most lucrative program and the easiest to sell that I have ever seen on the net and I've been on the net a looong time.

The reason I like this program so much is because of the product. It's a membership card, sort of like a Sam's Club card but with one huge difference.. Instead of saving at just one location, you know - one store, you literally save at hundreds of businesses including businesses like Burger King, Men's Warehouse, RadioShack, AMC Theatres, and many other well known companies, and that's not all...

There's an extremely lucrative compensation plan and when you join you'll be joining directly under me and that means this... Even if you never, and I mean ever, market this program to anyone else, you'll be in line to earn money because of my efforts through the company's bonus pool. And the effort of my upline, "Mike G". It just can not go wrong. Save big, and I mean huge, with your membership card all over the world, earn money from my efforts, earn even more by promoting it yourself.

One of my members with MyWorldPlus is now earning more than $3000 monthly income online, just by using the social network she love (facebook) to introduce MyWorldPlus to her friends and and also help them to do the same.

MyWorldPlus is so far my highest recommendation, because almost all my members who joined started to make money in the first month, beside the money saving opportunity.

network marketing opportunity

iLA Living Application a simple easy 3X7 forced matrix. This is a great easy network marketing opportunity that allow you to make money from the work done by other members in your upline and downline. I have joined this program when it was in prelaunch in January 2013, and I did nothing to promote this program at all, the first month they started to pay they paid me $67, again I did nothing and referred no one to the program and already was in profits. That's an easy fast profits. You can read this post to learn more about this opportunity .

Gogvo is also the platform of several network marketing systems, because it provide all what you need to establish an online network marketing business, like cheap hosting, cheap auto-responder and other features network marketers need.

Every successful network marketer is part of this business, and I think it is a must have for every network marketer, it is almost a free opportunity that provide all the tools you need to establish  an online business. When Joined this program it took me a week just to go through all their features and tools, and their amazing training videos and materials. No matter what i tell you about Gogvo i will not cover 1% of what they have, you need to join and create your account to see all the services, tools and features they provide.

network marketing opportunity


7 Minutes Workout I usually join any program that have a great potential of making me money, I am in this business to make money but I have reached one important conclusion in past years that only when I offer programs with great value and high benefits to my team, I will make money and continue making money. And you have seen that all the opportunities and systems I have shared with you so far, are not only the best on this business but also are programs that have real valuable products and services, and give you a real value to the membership fee you are investing. And 7 minutes workout is a great example of a money making opportunity with a great product that anyone can benefit.

I joined this program not because of the money (at first) but because of the product, and it really helped me a lot  especially because I spend all my time setting in front of my disk, and have no physical activities. But I stay with this program because of the product and the money.  Just check it out and I promise you will love  7 Minutes Workout


SFI Marketing Group SFI is the most popular and famous affiliate network online, but it is an affiliate network, it will become a network marketing opportunity only when you become an executive Affiliate (EA) with them. Network marketing are paid to join programs, you need to pay in order to secure your possession in the program, and have access to the products and marketing materials. SFI Marketing Group is a free to join affiliate program but with two levels, as an affiliate and you can then sell their product an refer others to join with you, or you can become EA and start earning a monthly commission from the network activity.

You can become EA with out paying, you can sell one product and become EA and then you will share all other with the profits.

So It is maybe the only free to join network marketing opportunity, you can join for free, and start promoting their products, and they have a variety of products, from digital and physical products.


Market Health is the highest paying affiliate program we have tried yet, we also know that a lot of super affiliates are making thousands of dollars from this affiliate program.

It's logically accepted because the most popular hottest products online and most searched for are health related products, and Markethealth offer the best health products online with high affiliate commission that sometimes reach 50% of the product value.

Market Health a great affiliate tools, banners and tracking, it also have a free hosting for it's affiliates and offer a full affiliate health store you can setup as your own and promote your own health store online with high commissions and great products. It also have a 2 tier affiliate commissions if you are building your own affiliate team.


Site Build It, maybe because it's highly related to our top ranked websites such us this one. but we also have found that SBI is the most recommended affiliate program in most popular affiliate programs directories.

Site Build It offer a great service that contain a step by step niche website building, niche research and money making niches online. Then it also offer great SEO hosting, and SEO tools and services for your website. It also offers all the money making tools you need to have in your website.

There are thousands of success stories with Site Build It as an affiliate program and also as a work from home online business start up program. It have a great affiliate resource pages, affiliate marketing tools and affiliate training back office.

It's highly recommended to all affiliates but strongly if you are new to affiliate marketing and making money with affiliate program, we also recommend that if you don't have your own website yet, to start your website with Site Build It.

Network Marketing


Global Domain International Also known as GDI it is a very simple yet very effective and powerful network marketing and MLM business opportunity. With GDI membership you will get a domain name with hosting and powerful website builder plus hundreds of resources and tools to effectively launch your own MLM business online with only 10$ per month. And the earning potential is huge.

Reality Network. A different network marketing approach, it is not exactly a network marketing because there is no monthly fee, but there is a great way to earn some income from it. It is a good opportunity because it has put some strong advertising methods for network marketers in one single membership area.


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