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Make money online with penny auctions


Penny auctions are one of the most successful online businesses online, and require high investment to start an online penny auction site, and a lot of money to promote and manage this kind of businesses. But still this is a great way to make money online, a lot of money.

However there is no way for people like us who are seeking for way to make money online to start this kind of businesses, because no one of us could raise this kind of investment or man power.

But today no need of all that. You can get part of a multimillion dollar business online, a penny auction business and have a share of its profits.

Funky Shark is an online penny auction that allows you me and everyone who will know about this chance to join, enjoys the great auction, and shares the profits. I told you earlier that one of the main obstacles on this kind of online businesses is the promotion, and to earn high profits and succeed any new penny auction site must have a great success guaranteed marketing strategies.

Make money from home.


Make money from home can be so easy and fast and you can make a living online.

Internet have changed everything in our lives, the way we shop, the way we socialize and YES the way we do business. It changed the lifestyle of thousands of people all around the glop.

Internet make it very easy and fast for people like me and you to make money from home and start their own home based business or work from home job.

What is the secret of success? Some will say it’s the way you think, the decisions you take, maybe hard work, learning, taking actions. Honestly I don’t know; but I know that the secret of my own success simply “loving what I am doing”.

Because I love my business so much, I love spending time on it, learn everything about it, talk with other likeminded friends.

And online you can do what you love and make money out of it.

You can socialize in your favorite social media site and make money, you can join forums you want to join and talk to others and YES make money, you can even play games and make money.

Start an SEO Small Business

start a small seo business

One creative way to make a lot of money online is to start an SEO small business. It’s really not hard to establish your own SEO small business and start generating profits working all by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Starting a self employed business has its own difficulties, and it all imply to all kind of small businesses no matter what is the topic and service you provide.

SEO small business however could be much easier than any other business, require an upfront investment, to establish a successful business, but you can do it without any former knowledge or experience in the SEO field.

I will not go into the requirement of starting a small business, I think you already have a good idea on this topic; I will focus here only on starting an SEO business.

So let’s start

The easiStart SEO smal businessest SEO business you can have is a SEO broker business; we also call it an SEO management service. Your customers do not need to know this, but it will give you the ability to provide a high quality service with low effort, minimum time investment and guaranteed profits.

Companies, small businesses, and individual webmasters seek help in their SEO and always looking for someone expert to do the work for them, not because it’s hard to be done by themselves, but mainly because they don’t have the time to doit, or their budget don’t allow them to hire SEO company to do it for them.

That’s why they will be in a strong need for small SEO businesses like yours to help them out.

Penguin 2.0 New Google Update September 2012

Google update

Penguin 2.0 New Google Update On their search ranking algorithm September 2012

Honestly I expected too much from the new penguin 2.0 update, while trying to recover from the first penguin nightmare, we all expected some kind of refreshing and fixing algorithm. Penguin 1 was mainly a penalty algorithm that finds some cheap fast link building strategies and flags them as spam. And again the penguin 2 will be a continuance of the same line, more penalty and more spam strategies.

When it comes to content, design, readability and navigation; we all agree with what Google seek, it’s what we all seek.

But when talking about link building, it’s much different. You can have an amazing site, with high value content, the perfect design, no animation or advertizing; but you have a low budget for link building services and outsourcing. So does it mean you need to disappear from Google search results?

Let’s read a comment posted by Matt Cutts about penguin 2.0